8 top listed celebs, spotted in economical class

Amy Adams

The concept of celebrity for any lay man is the yum pum dudes with loads of wealth and fame, leading a luxurious life free from worries. Walking on the red carpet surrounded by bodyguards, giving autographs and taking photos with fans are just some of things they do. Their one sided role as an actor or a superstar does not mean that they are something above than humans. They are still social animals and have to perform duties that are essential for living. Responsibilities can be in terms of nurturing children, taking care of beloved ones and getting married. We think they can never choose any sort of cheapest material. Who wants to use cheapest things when you are millionaire? Obvious no one! But many celebs proved it wrong. Amazingly numerous millionaires are spotted while travelling in economical class.

Kim and Kanye

Kim and Kanye

Image Source : i.dailymail.co.uk

Hollywood’s Royal couple Kim and Kanye travelled by road in 2015; they planned a trip to Armenia and proving themselves a normal human beings.  It is really a stunning thing seeing a Royal couple sitting just besides you in an economical class. Woaah! What an amazing moment it was. They prefer to travel in economical class granting all the luxury of advanced security lines.

Prince William

Prince William and his wife set another example by travelling in economical class. In 2014, both were spotted on DC shuttle flight, as they were travelling from Memphis to Dallas.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Image Source : secure.i.telegraph.co.uk

Bill Gates the father of Microsoft. The formation of this operating system gives birth to numerous apps (snapchat, Instagram, Face Book and mspy reviews etc.) that are benefiting the whole world. In 1990’s, this billionaire continues to travel in coaches. 

Blake lively

Blake lively, remained the spouse of block buster super doper hero, Ryan Reynolds; the leading character of Deadpool. The spouse of such super star was spotted many in fly coach. According to her, she was travelling with her baby James in an economical class and saw every passenger busy in watching this block buster movie.

Jessica Elba

Jessica Elba

Image Source : pictures.zimbio.com

Putting all the wealth and pride at a side and travelling with middle class, is just a dare. Jessica Elba, the business queen confronted this dare.

Alec Baldwin

Once Mr. Alec was travelling through an American Airline but faced a problem. He violated the legal rules i.e. refused to put away his cell phone due to which he kicked off by the American Airline and travelled publically.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Image Source : cbsnews3.cbsistatic.com

Respect for military in the eyes of Amy, can be judged through this beautiful scenario. Once,during travelling Amy Adams saw a military man sitting in economical class. Without considering her repute and fame she moved on and swapped her seat with that man.

Paris Hilton

Believe me! Yes, I am taking about Paris Hilton the well-known and famous celeb. The one who said “I fly commercial as well”;the mogul’s lady literally constructed a dog house for her puppy. This dog house is admired and considered, one of the most luxurious habitats as compared to normal people homes.

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