How to make your swimming pool the talk of the town?

make your swimming pool the talk of the town

What’s better than having a pool in your yard, drinking a cold juice and relaxing? People adore perfectly designed pools, that have various additional features around them. But sometimes it could be a difficult job, to design a pool that will be attractive to everyone. In this article, we will provide several tips on how to make your pool the “main subject” of the town. And it is a fact that swimming pools have existed from very ancient times.

Before we move to the improvement of the area, it is essential that you connect your pool to the Internet. With the advent of the ability to control the pool via the Internet, you can check whether the equipment of any part of the pool is working anywhere and anytime, and provide water management with the highest possible efficiency. Diagnostic tools in systems like let you detect any incident as soon as it occurs so that you can resolve it as quickly as possible.

How to improve the area around the pool?

The main thing in the design of the pool structure in your house is the shape and color of the bowl. Intricate shapes with bends always attract the eye.

And so that the pool visually looks deeper than it really is, its inner surface should be made white. At the same time, the adjacent area must, on the contrary, be performed in dark brown shades.

To decorate the area adjacent to the swimming pool, it is enough to place garden figures and flower pots nearby. It is strictly forbidden to plant any ornamental plants directly in the pool, as in the case of an artificial pond. Purified by chlorine water is absolutely unsuitable for their growth.

1. Create a poker table

creating a poker table is a perfect way to enjoy yourselfWhen you are done with swimming and want to chill out, creating a poker table is a perfect way to enjoy yourself. When you have friends alongside you, poker is an excellent idea. Usually, it does not require a long time to organize a good playing table, and you and your friends will definitely have a good time.

It may seem a little surprising, but most recently in India, people started to arrange poker tables this way. There could be one reason, which is the growing popularity of these games and in particular, poker across the country. That is why Playamo.com India announced a very interesting step – they introduced a fine background of poker game where you can actually see the pool and some people find it encouraging to do the same for their personal ones.

As a finishing touch, you should mount the backlight so that you could relax by the pool not only during the day but also in the evening and at night under the stars.

2. Planed boards

The outer sides of the pool can be equipped with sides made of planed boards coated with waterproof varnish. The advantage is that such a pool is very beautiful, original and organic. Outwardly attractive, it immediately arouses interest. At the same time, it fits perfectly into wooden buildings and looks very harmonious against the background of nature. The second advantage is the environmental friendliness, which is extremely valuable today.

3. Spa area alongside a pool

hydrotherapyAnd why not add a little luxury to your garden – set up a lush green pool with a jacuzzi and enjoy all the benefits of hydrotherapy and hydrotherapy without leaving your beloved garden.

Build an underwater stone partition between the swimming area and the jacuzzi. To give the overall ensemble a dynamic effect, put two small fountains in the wall: let one flow into the pool and the other into the jacuzzi.

Use natural materials to create a spa. This will harmoniously integrate the jacuzzi into the landscape. The pergola entwined with greenery, the terrace tree, the natural stone of the retaining wall and the bowl of the sand or graphite shade mini-pool together forms an idyllic backdrop for relaxation. For more exotic, build a stone fountain in a secluded corner of the garden.

4. Plants around the pool

Before arranging the landscape around the pool, decide which landscape you prefer: tropical, natural, calm, etc. Thinking over the plan and selecting plants and take into account some practical considerations.

Planting ornamental plants in the pool or on the shore is strictly forbidden, since chloride water will kill them, and an attractive pool will become like a pond, and there is no question of the convenience of swimming.

It is necessary to use container planting of flowers. In this case, the plants will not directly interact with water, and they can always be brought into the room (in bad weather or winter), as well as swapped, changing the appearance of the recreation area. It is not necessary to plant stormy vegetation around the pool since the remains of foliage and plants clog the water, as well as the bottom and walls of the pool.

5. Garden bathroom

open-air spa treatmentHedonists can install a bathroom in the courtyard where hot water can be supplied. An open-air spa treatment with an infusion of herbs and flowers and fragrant rose petals from your garden will give you a wonderful vacation and restore strength at the end of the day. In addition to the pleasant sensations, as a result of the corresponding procedure, you can get a huge dose of vitamin D and, of course, a powerful charge of positive emotions.

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