The Devil’s Burning: It’s Much More than a Halloween

Halloween, an annual tradition

Many are excited about “Halloween” or Halloween, an annual tradition celebrated on the last day in October that brings with it party, sweets, monster costumes and many beliefs in the supernatural, spiritual and dark. For this reason, many countries of the world celebrate it attentive to the stories that these festivities bring with them every year, worthy of the best horror stories, but with historical references that have even been transferred to television series and films to enjoy on the big screen. As a recent study of the Betway Online Casino  points out.

family celebrating HalloweenIn this way, it is based on the premise of a world celebration that manifests itself and occupies millions of people in the world. The truth is, these events go far beyond what was previously told, and it is that many societies in the world have their own date and their own way of celebrating this tradition. If we take South American countries as an example, we cannot fail to pass the case of Guatemala and its unique tradition related to this habit of ultra-tomb.

A day like a December 7th, where Christmas is approaching and the festivities of reconciliation and peace are promoted throughout the Christian world, has this country in vilo at 6pm on point, where a unique show takes place and many are interested in that history. At that time, many Guatemalans from all the communities of the country gather in front of their homes to burn down the “devil” on the street.

As mentioned, this event is a burning of a piñata with this shape or rubbish, all with a singular meaning: the expulsion of evil from their different homes. With this, it is estimated that there are many bonfires around the country (more than 500,000 are estimated per year) of those who believe in this history and practice it on a punctuality and in the most everyday way possible. This means that Central Americans have a unique way of celebrating a different ultra-tomb night, one with a deeper meaning and less fun than the party we all know.

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