10 Celebrities who became famous just for nothing

The tinsel town is a strange place. It is said that the tinsel town syndrome comes as blessing for some and bane for some. You will just be amazed to know that some celluloid icons burn their asses to get the bliss of Hollywood limelight, while others

10 Environment friendly celebs

With the constantly deteriorating environmental conditions everybody’s realizing the importance of using green measures to save our planet earth. And it’s heartening to see so many famous and not so famous celebs endorsing green living and even practi

10 Celebrities who survived cancer

The word cancer still remains a spine chiller in an age when medical researchers are being done and modern medicines are being invented. A psychosis still exists in the society for this life threatening menace and the statement that circulates from peop

7 Best celebrity moms

Who said celebs could not be good moms? In case you have lived in such a falsehood so far, these celeb moms will challenge your misconception. They rule our hearts on the silver screen and they take care of their parental duties with the utmost perfect

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