7 Best celebrity moms


Who said celebs could not be good moms? In case you have lived in such a falsehood so far, these celeb moms will challenge your misconception. They rule our hearts on the silver screen and they take care of their parental duties with the utmost perfection. So, wouldn’t it be a different treat for your eyes to see your celluloid diva changing nappies or feeding her tot? Take a sneak peak at the celebs we found as the best moms of the tinsel town.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

First on our list is this Brad girl, Angelina Jolie. She trespasses the boundaries of natural parenthood and literally spreads her charm as a universal mother by picking up street children to give them better futures. We give a thumbs down to the wicked tabloids that call her home-wretched child collector. The thumbs up factor is that she is the ambassador to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. She has in her motherly credentials the responsibility of numerous tots in an SOS Children’s village at Amman in Jordon. She gave a generous donation of $1 million to the homeless in Haiti too together with her celeb hubby Brad Pitt. Her ever growing family includes three adopted babies together with her own biological offspring. We love you momma Jolie as much as we love sex bomb Jolie!

2. Tina Fey

Tina Fey

It perhaps needs some amount of humor as well to be a rock star Mommy. At least that is exactly what seems in the case of Tina Fey. Tina’s personal take on this is that a regular role as ‘Queen of Comedy’ has helped her pick up much feedback on how to be a better mommy for her six years old daughter, Alice. God knows what comedy shows have to say about parenting! But there is definitely something substantial that makes her a great friend of darling daughter, Alice.

3. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has the capability to give the regular moms as well as celebrity mommas sleepless nights in the way she takes up her motherly jobs! A series of juxtapositions like sexy motherly, professional homely are undoubtedly some descriptive figures of speech that go best for Garner. Even with credentials such as mega hits like ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’, ‘The Invention of Lying’ and the newly released ‘Valentine’s Day’, you will never find her walking in her six inch heels while a nanny takes care of her tots. On the contrary, she cooks, bakes and even takes a leisurely stroll with her tots, 4 years old Violet and 13 months old Seraphina with her down to earth hubby, Ben Affleck as precious company in an amusement park as well.

4. Reese Witherspoon

Reene Witherspoon

This Oscar winning actress comes next in our list of celebrity moms, who overrides her split marriage and manages parental responsibilities single-handedly. Quite a mammoth task, but Witherspoon is successful in this! It is important to mention here that she is the honorary member of a Children Defense Fund board. She is a strict mom, who loves her two tots, Ava and Deacon as much as she adopts strictness in disciplining them. Probably, she tries not to fan the flame of self destructing Hollywood blaze by adopting too much of indulgence and leniency in parenting her kids!

5. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Katie is the most prominent example of the perfect mother, which circulates from mouth to mouth all through the Hollywood film industry. Yes, we are talking about Katie Holmes! She is a proud mother of her most stylish young diva, Suri. The funniest part of it is that she is as motherly for whole casting crew in the sets as well, bringing cakes and ice creams for the whole unit almost every day! We have also heard that she has never let her step children, Isabella and Connor feel that they were motherless when their own biological momma, Nicole Kidman dropped the ball. Tom’s kids must be proud to have such a wonderful mom!

6. Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton

She remains at the top of the controversies in the media circle for almost everything! So, be her hairstyle or political beliefs or her attitude or the way she defended her flamboyant husband, she remains the tabloid’s favorite. But she is equally concerned when things concern her daughter Chelsea. Therefore, she was seen in the top of her enthusiasm when she was planning for the nuptial of her darling daughter Chelsea Clinton.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

The recent transition from a ravishing Sex and the City star to a committed momma with handful of baby gears instead of her own toiletries and shopping bags make Sarah Jessica Parker a part of our list of celebrity mothers. Together with 7 year old son James and her twin 8 months daughters Marion Loretta and Tabitha, she has a complete picture of her full family. But, poor Sarah, the call of the celluloid screen is too lucrative to turn down! So, she chose to appoint a nanny to play her motherly role in between while she is busy juggling with her off screen momma role and on screen role in ‘President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities’.

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