7 Best celebrity single moms

celeb single moms

If you have been living with a conception that kids need the love and care of the father and mother simultaneously, these celeb moms will churn your thought process for sure. They are single mothers and are proudly taking care of their kids singlehandedly. They do not need any men in their lives, at least as far as taking care of their kids are concerned. They can rather make the hearts of celebrity couples burn with jealousy, who are proving utterly unsuccessful in parenting their kids! Let’s have a steal peak and know the great celluloid queens, who are best moms as well.

1. Sandra Bullock


How can you overlook ‘The Proposal’ girl, who mesmerized the audience with her charms ever since she stepped into the Hollywood tinsel town with her adorable attitude and cute personality. Yes, it is Sandra Bullock, who comes first on our list of single celebrity moms. The last three months brought a mixed bag reaction in Sandra’s life when we fans witnessed her being rewarded with the prestigious Oscar together with the earth shattering discovery that her husband was cheating on her! But we love this brave lady’s firmness with which she expelled the brat out of her life and took sole responsibility of Louis Bardo, her little angel, all by herself!

2. Britney Speaks


Britney Spears sets her own rules and the society is to follow her hypnotically. While this is the predominant impression we have of this music sensation, the news that comes as a sharp juxtaposition is that how efficiently she is taking care of her tiny tots! What we must appreciate about this cranky celebrity is that no matter how many marriages and divorces she is performing in a single day, she is doing a great job in raising her kids single handedly.

3. Sharon Stone


This pituitary poking Hollywood ex sex symbol leaves us awestruck when we see her among the best single moms! But we do not have any other way to overrule the truth. So, we must appreciate this Basic Instinct star for being a great momma. Along with a biological son of her own, Sharon Stone went for adopting two more kids after her marriage with Phil Bronstein got shattered. Well, is it her new hobby then or she is really taking motherhood seriously?

4. Liv Tyler


Liv Tyler certainly got accustomed with unconventional parenting even since her own childhood. So, we cannot expect her to go mad in taking care of her son singlehanded, as she must have learnt the trick from her own parents. But, she is perhaps a believer of co parenting, as she remains cool about her son living with her father as well. We can read the lines in between Liv as we know you won’t remain a spinster forever!

5. Denise Richards


This stylista is the apple of the eye of her millions of fans for her chic sense of style and natural acting talents. But we fans love her for the maturity with which she handles her parental responsibilities as well. The rough breakup of this lovable celebrity with her bratty spouse Charlie Sheen was indeed painful. But she has never let the stress of her relationship fall on her two kids Sam and Lola, whom she decided to raise all by her own. We give her hats off for this!

6. Madonna


Life always has surprises to hold for Madonna. So, the journey from a wretched life to the top horizon of the glitz and glam of Hollywood was indeed praiseworthy. Equally praiseworthy is the way with which she has adopted the skills of motherhood. You will be dazed to see how efficiently Madonna takes care of her kids! We have yet more surprises for you regarding momma Madonna. Where raising one kid becomes extremely challenging for couples, Madonna has shown remarkable feat of valor by adopting two kids besides two of her own biological offspring.

7. Halle Berry


The entire world must vote on this that Halle Berry has become more gorgeous with every passing year. We are confused about the secret but some say that maternity might be an undisclosed truth behind her beauty. Whatever it might be, Halle Berry looks simple unperturbed that she is a single mother. So is her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry, who barely looks grief stricken that a daddy is not around! They love each other and undoubtedly found the world’s happiness in each others’ company and we love Berry for the exemplary boldness she has shown by taking up parenting solely in her own hands!

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