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Not everyone is fortunate enough to look super cool in high heels. You need to have those God gifted sexy legs and work on them regularly to look ravishing in high heels. Some of our celebs have been bestowed with super toned, sexy legs and they love to live in high heels to flaunt these natural assets. We bring here a list of some of these celluloid queens of Hollywood whose high heels and super sexy legs are the talk of the town.

best legs

1. Megan Fox


This ravishing diva of Hollywood is as famous for her on screen talents as for her sexy, toned legs. So, we fans always find her in high heels and short dresses that would never jeopardize with her natural assets. This time we caught her face to face with the host Leno on Tonight Show. More than what she spoke our eyes remained glued to her sky high black heels that worked as an additional glamor element for her fabulous legs. The provision of the ankle strap was quite understandable as the height of her heels were too long for her to control all alone!

2. Emily Brunt


This pretty faced talent is the apple of our eyes for her natural assets and acting talents. We bet you cannot overlook her stunning legs behind her girl next door face. We are definite she is aware as well of her gorgeous legs. Therefore, short dresses and high heels work as her weapon in revealing them to the masses. This time she was caught walking on the red carpet, her beautiful legs following the T-stage in a rhythm of the background music. But, we were dazed whether to look at her cute face or her sexy legs, which looked even more killing in suede high heel peep tones that resembled the color of her attire.

3. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Next on our list is Kristen Stewart, whose fans are known for foot fetish. Look at her legs and you will know the reason behind it. Whatever may be the occasion, she never disheartens her millions of fans by hiding her legs behind layers of clothes. This time we saw her at the Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards function at Galen Center. The ocean blue body hugging dress made her look cool. But its hemline was obviously kept short, so that her sexy legs remained prominently visible. The footwear was carefully chosen. While her signature high heels predominated this occasion too, the style was a conventional pump and the color was in harmony with her dress.

4. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Whenever we talk of sexy legs in high heels we cannot leave behind the singing sensation, Carrie Underwood. This year, at the 47th Annual Academy Awards, she became the undeclared showstopper due to her God gifted legs with her high heels. God knows how could she dance so gracefully on the stage wearing sky high heels. The way she posed like the Brad girl at the end of the show and the way she flaunted her fab legs and wisely chosen peep toe high heels, was out of the world. It made her look highly feminine yet with a flirtatious lift.

5. Kim Kardashian


This lady knows how to get the attention of the media. She is well aware of her natural assets as well. Thus, you will never find her out of fashion. We even bet you cannot find her without high heels. It is an undeniable fact that assets like her cool legs need to be done proper justice with. And nothing else can do that except a pair of highly fashionable haute couture high heels.

6. Kate Beckinsale


The naturally gifted hot legs of Kate Beckinsale look best in high heels. The actor is also aware of it and never meddles with anything else that will mar the grace of her stunning legs. The red carpet always finds Kate in towering high heels. This time was also not an exception at all. But what we loved about this carefully chosen footwear of hers is that the sky kissing heels had equally spooky tips. These features in her footwear worked further in making her legs look ravishing and even slimmer and longer.

7. Jennifer Aniston


This actor of the tinsel town is the God’s chosen one as it seems that she has been bestowed with all the sexy things of the world. As we are talking about sensuous legs, Jane needs a special mention too for her hot legs. It even seems that natural aging process is kept at bay by Jane. So, her sexy legs look as toned as 20 years old. We can never ignore her styling sense as well. Hence, she lives in high heels so that her legs look killing. Her high heels this time has an open look at the front that revealed her nicely pedicured legs to the world. The golden color perfectly matched with the glitz and glam of the event.

8. Charlez Theron


Charlez is basically world famous, as much for her acting skills as for her super long Barbie legs. She always makes it a point to show off her slender legs to the world by means of her carefully chosen footwear. This most beautiful fashionista of Hollywood was lately seen in all black attire and a pair of steeply rising heels. It had a fusion look of the bootie and the conventional stiletto that was well appreciated.

9. Elizabeth Hurley


The legs of Liz Hurley look toned and sporty that adds to the oomph factor to this actor. These days she seems more concentrated on her fashion than anything else and major part of that gets concentrated towards her legs. This voluptuous beauty always chooses feminine footwear to accentuate her womanly features. Lately, we found her heavenly in her light beige peep toe high heel pumps that revealed her beautiful legs manifold.

10. Blake Lively


The exceedingly long and sensuous legs of Blake Lively make the world go mad on her. This TV star opts for two basic footwear to accentuate the glamor of her natural assets; strappy sandals and high heels. But the high heel she sported recently gave her legs the right treatment. The broad strappy feature and pointed heels made her look like a metrosexual belle.

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