Brangelina splurges millions to protect themselves from crime gangs

Brad and Angelina's James Bond fortress

Celebrities are known to live in luxurious high-security houses. They need their privacy from the prying eyes of the media and the paparazzi. All kinds of security measures are taken to keep the TV and news cameras away from their home. These are pretty common in the world of celebrities. But noted Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seems to have taken the next step in personal security as they have hired a crack team of ex-SAS Special Forces soldiers to guard their newly bought mansion in Southern France.

Brangelina, as the couple is famously known, had purchased the Chateau Miraval located in southern French town of Brignoles for 35 million pounds ($58 millions) in 2008. The couple got the permit to renovate the estate in 2009. During renovation they have put in place an extensive and elaborate security arrangement which would keep the couple and their children away from any public nuisance.

Things like fingerprint recognition technology have been installed to protect the couple from any unwanted visitor. The entire property has been covered with various high-tech gadgets. But the best thing about this entire security arrangement is that the couple have hired a team of ex-SAS soldiers for round the clock protection of both their property and themselves.

SAS, acronym for Special Air Service, is a world renowned Special Forces team of crack commandos of the British Army. Soldiers serving in this force are recognized as some of the best in the world. Keeping their reputation in mind, Brad Pitt had decided to hire this ex-SAS team for their personal security.

This security arrangement was carried out primarily due to the concern both the actors have about the workings of the underworld. According to the Sun website, the couple fear that they might be targeted by powerful Italian and Russian crime syndicates who have a reputation of attacking rich and famous personalities and their properties.

Via: news.com.au

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