7 Most expensive celebrity cars


From pricey sports cars to dear Porsche and to Rolls-Royces, the cars that celebs own apparently appear that they are the dream machines that give wings to their driving spree. But with the hefty yet unpredicted income of the celebs, the actual cause behind their knack for luxury cars is quite understandable! We would rather appreciate their farsightedness in investment a major slice of their fortune on these road vehicles. So, let’s have a sneak peak at some of the costly cars owned by the celebrities and their proud owners.

1. Kim Kardashian – Ferrari F430


Kim Kardashian always remains at the top of the list whenever we talk of publicity stunts. Thus, she is the first one in our list, with her vehicle Ferrari F430 here as her means of publicity. This vehicle of Kim comes with a price tag of $3,312 only! Perhaps this ‘only’ applies for Kim exclusively and not us. Hold your breath further as this is not the only species our favorite TV star has; she has a series of lavish cars. We must say that it is really productive enough to show face in ad features like perfumes, diet pills, appearances, live shows, etc. The paycheck must be really lucrative that entitles even the small screen wonders grow ridiculously rich!

2. Paris Hilton – Bentley GT Continental


We can never forget this doll faced wonder, who has raged the silver screen more for the scandals and rumors that outline her character above everything. But, how can we deny that her luxurious living has not made her money minded as well? Therefore, she is the proud owner of a dear Bentley Continental GT. But her craving to be the talk of the media perhaps led her to have her vehicle custom made. Let’s be precise, her Bentley comes in a baby pink color and has an enviable dashboard that has real diamonds studded in it to make it more pretty and price!. Most ridiculously, it was Hilton’s own gift to herself on Christmas! Poor Paris, where was Santa gone.

3. P.Diddy- Maybach


We cannot deny that P.Diddy have been quite an indulgent father and Justin, his 16 years old son definitely feels blessed to have a father like him with such a big heart. If you are dazed let us tell you, Justin got a brand new Maybach on his sixteenth birthday from his father. Sean P. Diddy supposedly overlooked the expensive price tag of $360,000 of this car when matters concerned a wide smile on his son’s face. But how could you overlook the fact that your kid is yet to get a driving license, owing of his minor age!

4. David Beckham – Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophe, customized


Our soccer heartthrob is a proud owner of a prestigious Rolls-Royce. We are not shocked as we are quite aware of the fortune his on-field legwork has earned him! Therefore, this time a pretty $407,000 went into the buying of this luxurious vehicle. We have yet more surprises for Beckham fans. This footballer is always famous for being out of the lot. So, his car has been designed in the most customized manner and Beckham does not mind paying a sumptuous extra for this customization. This Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophe features 24” Savini Forged wheels as per the footballer’s instructions, perfectly contrasting colors in the interiors as well as exteriors and Beckham’s trade mark “23” embroidered on each of the seats.

5. Nicolas Cage- Ferrari Enzo

Nicolas Cage

Fifth in our list is Nicolas Cage with his hi speed $670,000 vehicle, Ferrari Enzo. The top pick of 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds definitely made Nicolas habituated with high speed driving even in everyday life. Any racer would envy Nicolas’s Ferrari Enzo for its 217 mph speed and aluminum V12 Engine. But dreams get shattered at the hands of necessity. Similar was the case with this Hollywood actor, who had to sell it off in order get rid of the massive amount of debt.

6. Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche 959

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry is definitely a car enthusiast and his Porsche collection can burn anybody’s heart with jealousy. But he calls his Porsche 959 his precious possession till date. The dear price tag of $700,000 is definitely one of its notable features. Another characteristic that has made it a unique one is that only 337 models of the car has been built so far, with one for Jerry. The unlucky part of the thing is that Jerry cannot drive it and needs a chauffeur!

7. Simon Cowell – Bugatti Veyron

Simon Cowell

Simon, the celeb spotted in the American Idol as a cranky dude, can give any celeb sleepless nights! His precious possession, which ha s made him the most talked about car freak celeb in the world in his Bugatti Veyron. Although he spent a dear $1,700,000 on it, the vehicle is the second fastest vehicle species in the world. So, it is surely his greatest buy so far.

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