10 Celeb home extravaganzas

We know that celebrities are fortunate beings, with money, fame and prowess in their list of credentials. The hefty sums that they earn by immersing us in the world of fantasy need to be flaunted as well. So, every celebrity votes for a lavish and royal residence as the living emblem of their riches, which they call ‘home’. How paradoxical, as what they call ‘home’ are nothing but mega mansions on princely estates. We have handpicked ten such celebrity homes that are definite head turners due to their luxury, appeal and of course, the fortune that our favorite moguls spent on their construction.

Celebrity homes

1. Madonna’s home


We can call Madonna as a clever, property minded girl for she knows that fame will fade but riches will stay. This is perhaps the reason she added a dear new mansion to her list of six already present royal residences. This one is definitely the pricey one of the lot. Madonna is said to have spent $40 million to purchase a townhouse in NYC’s posh Upper East Side. The mansion comes with 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a two car garage, nine fireplaces and a 3000 sq. ft, garden. We are dazed why she opted for 14 loos but restricted to two large garages only!

2. Oprah Winfrey’s home


Oprah is second in the list of property minded people. We already knew that she was rich. But we are simply clueless what will she do with eight pricey mansions! Now, this one she bought in exchange of dear $50 million, which appears to be the most ridiculous selection of hers. We are not saying that it is not worth the price or does not look breathtaking, but what will she do with 42 acres of estate? Though Oprah claims that it helps her breathe properly and presents panoramic view of oceans and mountains, rumors are that the previous owner felt comfortable living in the 2000 sq. ft. gatehouse, while the rest of the house remained deserted.

3. Will Smith’s home

will smith

While we wish to buy a cozy nook for ourselves, Will Smith might have thought of purchasing an entire city. He was generous enough to spend quite a sumptuous amount of his fortune to buy a 120 room estate. Rumors are that he was absolutely cool to let go $120 million in exchange of this princely estate. What he got in return was an estate that comprises of 38 bedrooms. The adjoining dock shelters $100 million in boats, garage holds $50 million in cars and personal helipad holding $200 million in helicopters. Will must be satisfied that he spent money on the right thing.

4. Beyonce’s home


Beyonce’s mansion is in perfect unison with her sweet voice. Thus, you can very well understand what we mean to say. Yes, it is the beauty of her home which attracts us more as compared to the price tag, which might be somewhat cheaper as compared to other celeb homes. Beyonce’s condo in Miami costs just $500,000. But what she got for that was a pretty residence atop water. A gigantic pool that overlooks this Miami, Scarsdal mansion definitely renders the feeling of freshness to the weary bones of our singing sensation after the day’s labor.

5. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s home


The once evergreen love birds, JLo and Marc Antony also joined the bandwagon of the exquisite celeb homes with their big fat residence at Hidden Hills, California. The celeb couple spent $10 million to buy this mansion, built upon three acres of landmass. They could have boasted about owning 12 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms and a wine cellar, together with a personal pool, tennis court and a 20 seat theater. But alas! Something else was there in their destiny. The question is, after the split of this sought after couple who will live in this pricey mansion?

6. Bill Gates’s home

Bill Gates

It was expected that one of the top millionaires of our times, Bill Gates, will have a mansion that will let eyes rolling on it. Thus, his house on Medina in Washington is the one. But who have ever thought that his techno savvy mind will get over him this time too. The house runs on Windows system! If your jaws have already dropped down, then hold on, we have yet more to tell. The guests are given sensor pins on their ears before they enter the Bill’s home. As soon as they come at the doorstep, the doors get opened automatically and the lights in the interior are also adjusted robotically. Oh my God! Is this a home or a robo mansion?

7. Jerry Seinfeld’s home

Jerry Seinfeld

Comedians can also give us enough reasons to make our hearts burn. Look at Jerry Seinfeld’s home at East Hampton and you will understand everything. He spent $32 million to get the house handed over to him from Billy Joel. You can call it a mansion on an estate rather than home as it is a 14 acre property that holds three buildings! Wait, we have more to inform. The triple buildings have 24 rooms along with half the number of loos, 13 fireplaces, a guest dormitory, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a plush kitchen, bowling alley, a music room, a smoking bar and a wine cellar.

8. P.Diddy’s home


It seems that this dude is fanatic about costly mansions. This celluloid detective purchased a 19,500 sq. ft. mansion in Miami’s Star Island, worth $14.5 million in 1993. It has 9 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, a swimming pool and a boat dock. He let go another $5 million a few months later to buy another million dollar jumbo refuge at Alpine, New Jersey, which had a tennis court, guest room and a swimming pool. His wish to go pastoral is met by his yet another pad in Manhattan that has a price tag of $5 million.

9. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt home

Brad and Jane

The Brad and Jen mansion is worth referring here. The most ridiculous part of it is that by the time the once loving couple completed its renovation, spending hefty $28 million, their relationship had gone for a toss! The all black house had hardwood flooring, personal projection room, tennis court and outdoor fireplace. Now, it still stands there in Beverly Hills. We only wonder if it is a landmark of the riches, the one time celeb couples had, or its black color is a metaphor of the stress they had in their relationship!

10. George Clooney’s home


Clooney’s mansion is pricey and pretty. What we loved about it is that it looks like a home at least, unlike the celeb race for large estates, acres of land and gallons of water resource. This 25 room mansion at Como in Italy looks quiet cozy. Together with an outdoor theater
and a large swimming pool, George made it clear that his motorcycle mania gets proper justice. So, a large garage takes care of that.

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