10 Celebs who were caught shop lifting

The glitz and glam of the celeb world makes us mesmerized. We long to lead life like them. But is it 100% safe to live in their shoes? Peep at the other side of the coin and we bet you will think a number of times before living up to your aspirations of having celebrity lifestyle. Let’s face it, some of our favorite Hollywood moguls are shoplifters! We are clueless as poverty is never the reason behind it. But is it sheer publicity stunt or a way to vent out frustration. Whatever it may be, these filthy acts are enough to defame them and break our dreams of an ideal tinsel town. Let’s have a sneak peak at the list of celebrities who have sticky hands.

Shoplifting is a punishable offence!

1. Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan, this name has been synonymous to scandals. So, how can she be exempted from the list of celeb shoplifters? The unfortunate truth is that she is no longer the freckle faced innocent beauty we saw in ‘The Parent Trap’, directed by Nancy Myers. The negative temptations of inflow of hefty cash at a tender age and the intoxicating trap of fast life transformed Lohan into a diva, more often, in the limelight for scandals. This time Lohan was charged of shoplifting a dear $2,500 necklace from a jewelry shop. But the celeb had her reasons too. She remarked that she took it on a loan from the Venice, California shop. But the records of loan policy were never found at the store! We are cleaver enough to read the lines in between.

2.Farrah Fawcett


This golden haired, Charlie’s Angel’s personal profile seems quite contrary to her on screen super sleuth role. Looking back at the onset of her career, when she was yet to reach the horizon of stardom, we can see the glimpses of the bad girl side of this American beauty. She was held twice with the charge of shoplifting, way back in 1970. She made her hands sticky on clothes from two different boutiques. After getting fined for her filth, her smart remark was that she picked up her preferred stuffs when the boutique owners denied exchanging the merchandise she had purchased earlier from those boutiques. We can assume clearly what was behind her motive of ‘getting justice’!

3.Winona Ryder


Charges of vandalism and grand theft felony were brought against this doe-eyed Oscar nominated actor. It is really difficult to think of something like this from the innocent faced Winona. But, the reality is always harsh. She was attempting to flee from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills with merchandise more than worth $5,000. Unmistakably, ill consequences were waiting to get over the situation. Thus, she was caught red handed and given three years trial, together with 480 hours of community service, $6,355 worth fine to Saks and sessions of psychological and drug counseling. Later, in an interview, she cleared her collar saying it was the side effect of a pain killer! In 2008, she allegedly got involved in shoplifting again. But this time she escaped without any charge. It was $124,000 worth Bulgari Jewelry from a Marie Claire photo shoot in Madrid. Now, the question is, did luck favor her this time or her pain killer was a better one?

4. Jennifer Capriati


The whiz kid of the tennis world, Jenifer Capriati, set all eyes rolling on her when she became the French Open semifinalist at a tender age of thirteen. But, all the eyes on her continued to roll further, when she made shocking and breaking news by shoplifting! The brief interval of her sporting career during 1993 made her hands grow stickier. She tried to shoplift a $15 ring from a suburban mall outside Tampa in Florida. But her stake was clear. She explained that she had accidentally left a ring on her finger while trying a lot more. Unfortunately, the reason was not substantial enough for the world.

5. Britney Spears


Britney has a clear graph in her life. The steep graph of her stardom has a sharp juxtaposition to her professional and emotional rock bottom, which makes this statement evident. The year 2007 was the most unfortunate year that saw shattered and mentally broke Britney. The paparazzi caught her stealing a cheap lighter from a gas station and returning back to her pricey sports car! She literally celebrated that she stole something. Another incident was when she took away a wig off a mannequin as a sign of her vengeance against a sex shop staff for not letting her try a pair of underwear. Next year she smartly walked out of Fred Segal store, wearing a $200 ring she ‘forgot’ to pay for. We are clueless if these are her cheap publicity stunts or height of Britney’s crankiness.

6. Peaches Geldof


We are bewildered, what made Peacheas shoplift? With celebrity parents and grandparents, her personal sphere is quite heavyweight. Professionally, she is a British model, socialite and a columnist, writing regularly for ‘London’s Daily Telegraph’ and ‘The Guardian’. What could compel her to clear her hands on petty undergarments from a store in east London? She made her hands dirtier by stepping out of the shop without paying for a £500 dress she purchased.

7. Tila Tequila


Tila Tequila has been creating sensations by means of her bisexual dating show on television, ‘A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila’ and her recently launched celebrity blog, MissTilaOMG.com. But April onwards, there is yet another inclusion in her thrilling profile, it is shoplifting. She was caught red handed at CVS store. But the celeb admits this filthy act of hers. But at the same time she gives quite a pitiable reason for it. She says that she had lost her purse early that day and thought of getting some bubble gums and crackers from CVS for ‘free’ to satisfy her extreme hunger. Lets not get into a debate of whether it is true or not.

8. Rex Reed


We did not expect something like this from an intellectual mind like Rex Reed. Rex, the former TV host and current columnist in ‘New York Observer’, was caught red handed while trying to make his hands sticky on three CDs in a store. The security guard was rather cleaver to overlook Rex’s savvy moves and spotted him removing the wrappers of three new CDs before inserting them in his pocket.

9. Caroline Guilani


With a father like Rudy Guiliani, the ex conservative mayor of New York and being a theater student at Harvard University herself, there wasn’t anything that would tempt Caroline to shoplift mere $150 worth toiletries. But this is exactly what Caroline did to give Manhattan a shock. Rudy Guilani had been appreciated throughout his career for bringing down the crime rate in the city by being tougher on low level crimes. But thank God, Caroline made a sharp escape by taking advantage of her father’s official absence f
rom the post. The Manhattan police was softer with Caroline and directed her to stay out of trouble.

10. Bess Myerson


An ordinary security guard in a departmental store of Pennsylvania caught former pageant queen, Bess Myerson’s with her shopping bag teeming with shoplifted merchandise, worth $44.07. What can be more embarrassing than this? Bess tried to cover it up by saying that she did not have any intention of stealing them. It was just that she remembered her car was not locked. Therefore, she rushed to lock her vehicle first and then return back to pay for what she had bought. Perhaps, Bess knows best whether she had any intentions to pay for the toiletries or not.

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