10 Celebrities who became famous just for nothing

Hollywood celebrities

The tinsel town is a strange place. It is said that the tinsel town syndrome comes as blessing for some and bane for some. You will just be amazed to know that some celluloid icons burn their asses to get the bliss of Hollywood limelight, while others get it by the flicker of their luck! In case you have always thought, ‘Work maketh a man’, these celebrities will give you a thumbs down as they are famous just for nothing, or something which is beyond analysis of our general level of IQ! Let us take a look at the lucky beings in Hollywood, who made their marks just for nothing.

1. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

There is always a diva, who remains at the top for everything that calls for Hollywood attention. She is none other than Paris Hilton. She has many things that can make her famous, right from being the daughter of the mogul father, Richard Hilton to being the legal heiress of Hilton Hotel. But can you specifically point out her skills, other than her natural assets, that keep us talking about her? The question will only make you dazed and dumb folded. So, she is at the top list of the celebrities who are famous for nothing.

2. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

If a legal adoption can make all the Hollywood attention focused towards you, then Nicole has enough reasons for staying in the news! Things that keep Nicole, the adapted daughter of Lionel Richie clicking are mere things like her ever new addictions, body weight, eating disorder etc. ‘Celebrities who are famous for nothing’, this headline made her so down that had a deliberate overdose of her prescribed medicine Oxycontin along with alcohol and narcotic drugs. But this again made her come to the spotlight! Nicole must feel proud of her luck rather getting morose about her worthless career.

3. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim knows how to remain the favorite of the paparazzi. Be it her style or her wedlock with music producer Damon Thomas or her long date with Reggie Bush, the NFL star, everything attracts the Hollywood limelight like a magnet. If star birth is something that proves lucky, she is fortunate for being the daughter of the O.J Simpson defense attorney, Robert Kardashian. But what does she have to make a mark in Hollywood? Well, if her sex tape with R&B singer Ray J is countable here, then she is not worthless at all!

4. Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner

We must admit that the Kardashian heirloom is a really strong force that keeps the ‘just for nothing’ celebrity offspring always on the top of the stories. Brody Jenner is another one of the Kardashain clan, who remains much talked about simply for nothing. He is the step brother of Kardashain sisters, together with having the fame of being the child of the Olympic star Bruce Jenner. He saw him in a reality show in TV, known as The Hills. He remains particular in doing ‘for nothing’ things in life. So, his much talked about date was also Nicole Richie and has a ‘famous for nothing’ best friend, Spenser Pratt.

5. Kim Stewart

Kim Stewart

We are actually unsuccessful in finding out something worthy about Kim that makes her famous. We could only find out that her father is a famous personality, the rockstar Rod Stewart. Her list of positive credentials includes a temporary modeling session for a little famous clothesline and launching of her own kid’s clothesline. But list of her infamous works are many. Noteworthy among them are her ‘famous for nothing’ circle of acquaintances and her getting frequently attacked by PETSA for wearing natural fur. We must mention her much hyped breast implant too, which she took off later to gift to Jack, the son of Ozzy and Sharon Osborne. Now, what he did with the stuff was that he hung them in his bathroom, for obvious reasons of course.

6. Peaches Geldoff

Peaches geldoff

Peaches is known in the Hollywood circle for just being a socialite and nothing else. Some of you might even not know what her full name is. So, for your information it is Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldoff. Her extra long name is definitely a sharp juxtaposition to her eventless career. But her personal life is never eventless. She has once been a shoplifter! Moreover, her one year old marriage broke immediately after the couple tattooed each others’ name on their arms!

7. Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black

If a survey is conducted of people who are more infamous than famous for being bad at their work, Rebecca Black will be a name that will be in the top list. This teenage songstress of 13 years was believed to be a child prodigy for her musical vocal talents. But, she disheartened us. Now, we are dam sure it will be a challenge to find out a handful of people who listen to Rebecca’s songs. So, why is she getting perennially clicked then, is it luck?

8. Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan

Michael is a violent mess and nothing more than that. He is nothing more than the father of Lindsay Lohan, who takes a different stance every time his child gets fame or earns infamy. The only time he attempted to do something productive was when he hosted a reality show with Jon Gosselin. But, how can we except something fruitful from him? So, that show fell through very shortly and we thank God from pardoning us from idiotic entertainments.

9. Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin

This infamous daughter of Sarah Palin, the ex Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican Party is perhaps only a limelight’s favorite for getting banged at the age of eighteen, when her mother was still in power. Well, we never knew before that physical assaults make people famous too! Her fame made her grab the winning title of the reality show “Dancing with the stars” when more deserving candidates got nuts. What a luck Bristol!

10. Amber Rose

Amber Rose

A stripper turning out to be a rich and famous celebrity, if it is a fantasy now we have to believe in it! This ex stripper is a raging fashion icon in Hollywood. But of course, who else should be famous other than this slutty chic, who is bestowed with everything that makes us horny? But what else besides natural assets?

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