10 Stunning celebrity bridal looks

When it comes to wedding for a woman, she wants to look the best and when the wedding is of a celebrity, the beauty is always at its best. Here are the top 10 iconic celebrity brides looking extraordinarily great in their bridal dress:

1. Gwen Stefani

Her brawny intelligence of individual fashion was away at her wedding in traditional dyed down Christian Dior wedding gown.

2. Nicole Richie

She wore a high-necked, lace sleeveless upper part of dress with a wedding-gown skirt of silk organza.

3. Portia De Rossi

The actress looked gorgeous in her pink frock as her wedding dress. The bridal gown, entirely backless, detonated into back garden of ballerina fine net fabric for a princess-like result.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

The typical New York couple got a surplus attention during their wedding ceremony. The bride went the unconventional route by means of her messy black outfit. Though later on she felt regret about her dress up that day.

5. Grace Kelly

On her wedding, she wore a dress marking 100 years old lace in addition to embellished by seed pearls, which ultimately result to a huge silk-taffeta skirt.

6. Alicia Keys

She was looking exceptionally the best lady in the world as she was having a flowing bunch of purple calla lilies, selected in favor of an open, one-shouldered Grecian-inspired gown.

7. Ivanka Trump

The celebrity wore a dress appropriately intended for a traditional Jewish ritual. The bridal dress was very much similar to that once worn by Grace Kelly in 1956.

8. Kate Middleton

She was dressed in a traditional wedding dress which was looking beautiful due to its hand-cut lace bodice with a long white silk-gazer skirt.

9. Carolyn Bessette

Carolyn was looking still the best in her simple bias-cut silk covering. She is still remembered for her inconspicuous fashion.

10. Hilary Duff

Duff was looking spectacular in a strapless silk-organza. The comprehensive mermaid-manner skirt along with her in a standard top was at superb for the wedding.

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