10 worst celebrity tippers to watch out for

Worst celebrity tippers

Some of the rich and famous are famous for their generous hearts while there are others who act like scrooge all the time and when it comes to tipping, some are notoriously stingy. Here is our list of famous people waiters definitely hate.

1. Rachel Ray

Promoting ‘less than 20% tip’ on a famous show, Rachel Ray is one celebrity who doesn’t enjoy giving tips. While seeing a new city in a budget may be a cool idea but leaving the waiters empty handed, not so cool.

2. Mick Jagger

No point discussing Mick Jagger’s enormous wealth, we all know he has plenty of it, but when it comes to paying to those who serve him happily in a restaurant, Mr. Jagger is not a generous guest.

Rumor has it that Mick Jagger recently left a $10 tip at a restaurant for $90 tab, a feeble tip by all means and if that was not enough, sometimes he doesn’t choose to tip at all.

3. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The people’s champ recently left a waiter grumbling with a $7 tip at a steak house which he (The Rock) asked to open up early so he could avoid the fans. The waiter was not happy and took it on the internet.

4. Bill Cosby

Bill left a $3 tip for a bill of $350. Need we say more?

5. Mariah Carey

The super rich singer is quite infamous for tipping frugally and what is not so surprising is that once she kept a restaurant opened late at night for a party at night and when all the guests left, there was not a single tip left for the staff!

6. Kirsten Dunst

Setting a whole new legacy for herself, Kirsten Dunst occasionally doesn’t leave a tip. Many waiters whine after Ms. Dunst leaves without gratuity at all in spite of a huge bill.

7. Usher

Whenever you think it can’t get worse than this, it does. Usher once left his autograph as a tip. The gaping staff, of course, couldn’t ban the singer for this, but on courtesy basis, he should have been.

8. Madonna

The queen of pop is reported many times as a bad tipper, and is quite famous for her miserliness at the famous eating places. Sometimes, she tips really less and other times opts out to tip.

9. Tiger woods

The Golf star may be nothing less than perfect on course, but when it comes to tipping, he’s nothing more than misery for the waiters as well as his companions. Reportedly, Woods once refused to pay a tip, which made his flustered companion to pay it for him.

10. Jeremy Piven

What can be worse than having your tip hurled at you from an angry staff? Absolutely nothing! This happened with actor Jeremy Piven who arrived at a sushi joint named Nobu with 12 companions. He didn’t have a reservation but was seated and served. While leaving, he told the manager ‘thanks for nothing’ and as a tip, gave a signed DVD of Entourage. The outcome? You know it already.

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