Celebrity English Country Trends you need to watch out

English Country Trends

The world watches the A & B list celebrities with massive interest constantly.  It may be a kind of morbid fascination with our hero’s or heroines, but somehow, we always seem to be drawn in to the lives of the rich and famous.

English Country Trends
English Country Trends

We want to know what is happening in their relationships, what they are wearing fashion wise, are they behaving well or badly?  The list goes on.

From a fashion perspective, we all notice trends and often it is the celebrities themselves that set the trends of course.  British pop culture has always been influential and indeed even viewed with a kind of curiosity, so when I began to see people dressing in full English tweed outfits and wax shooting jackets, as far afield as Singapore and New York State, I began to release how iconic and steadfast this look really is!

What is trending?

English Country Trends
English Country Trends

People like Kate Middleton from the Royal family through to Alex James from the pop band Blur who adores country & tweed clothing and everywhere between. 

So, Rockstar or Royal, the English country look is big!  Often part of the countryside shooting or shoot day attire, it is indeed timeless! This may be why so many around the world take it on and celebrate its unique charm and longevity. 

There are a number of major players in the UK that specialise in this area, but Rydale Clothing seems to have a range that covers Men, Ladies and Children on pretty much all fronts.  From country walking boots, to tweed & wax jackets and everything in between.

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