Side Effects of CBD Oil and How to Counter Them

Side Effects of CBD Oil

CBD oil

You can certainly add CBD oil to your morning smoothie, put some few drops under your tongue, or even vape it. Whatever you choose to do with it, you can rest assured you won’t be getting high after its use. So how then how does it work?

What is CBD?

Even up to now, there are people who find CBD to be a mystery. It is undoubtedly true that it is everywhere around us, especially after the legalization of Marijuana in several states. So first off, you need to know that CBD and THC come from the same plant- Cannabis. But unlike THC- Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD doesn’t cause psychoactivity. In fact, if you are purchasing a 100% CBD product, you ought not to experience any of the effects associated with THC consumers.

Will You Get High?

extracted CBD oil

As mentioned earlier, CBD oil will not get you high in any way. Still, it is possible to find traces of THC in the extracted CBD oil as they originate from the same plant. So, if you’re working in a workplace that has a zero-tolerant policy, you might want to steer clear to keep away from danger.

Another thing you ought to know is that CBD is legal. It is even being sold online. Here is an example of a brand who is selling CBD products. You can view more. Particularly where recreational marijuana is in use, CBD oil is safe to use. The same applies to states that have incorporated CBD use for medicinal purposes, but past that, the legality of CBD gets a little fuzzy. Thus, it is your prime duty to check whether CBD use is legal in your locality.

Why do People Use it?

Most people say they use CBD oil to help ease pain, anxiety, reduce inflammation, decrease acne, boost the immune system, and decrease depression and stress. According to a survey conducted by HelloMD and Brightfield Group, most individuals are actually opting for CBD oil instead of traditional medicines. Out of those put through the survey, a whopping eighty percent of them affirmed of extreme effectiveness in the CBD products.

What are the Side Effects?

Drop in Blood Pressure

Even though researchers haven’t fully understood the downsides of CBD oil, some individuals have complained of experiencing challenges with CBD oil use. Though they are not so much chronic, some of them include:

  • Dry Mouth- You can expect to experience dry mouth as it could be as a result of the oil getting immersed in the system. Fortunately for you, this a manageable issue which you can deal with easily. If you find yourself having a dry mouth, make sure to keep hydrated by taking lots of water or eating hydrating fluid before, after, and during CBD consumption.
  • Drowsiness- Everyone gets affected by CBD oils differently. For some, CBD oil use prompts you to keep awake, while others report of drowsiness. If you notice to feel drowsy after CBD use, always keep off from operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle. It is the ideal way for you to safeguard yourself and all those around you appropriately.
  • Drop in Blood Pressure- A high dose of CBD can bring about a drop in your blood pressure levels. So, if you are taking low blood pressure medicine or have low blood pressure issues, make sure to consult your physician before consuming CBD products. The lightheadedness may come as a result of low blood pressure, making you feel uncomfortable.

It is possible to experience some other side effects. For instance, Parkinson’s patients may experience an increase in tremors. Even so, there is still not much proof of other side effects. Humanity can only wait to find out soon.

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