Medicinal mushrooms for your immune system

Medicinal mushrooms for your immune system

Mushrooms are nature’s teeth. They recycle and break down organic matter into fertile soil. There are really powerful compounds that can boost your health and balance your immune system, contained in mushrooms. These compounds slow down aging, fight inflammation, and help regenerate nerve cells. And yet, mushrooms are among the most underestimated foods on the pla

When your immune system is too weak, mushrooms can strengthen it. And if the opposite (it is too active) – they downregulate it. This is important to understand because our immune system really needs help. Autoimmune disease rates are at an all-time high and keep increasing constantly.

The way we eat these days and antibiotics overuse can seriously damage our gut. Immunity is closely linked to our gut health, though. So, damaged gut means a weak immune system.

We can help our immune system by taking advantage of the health properties of mushrooms. If you need a professional advice, you can talk to the expert from Hybrid Herbs. Click here to view their website.

In their opinion, here are some of the most effective medicinal mushrooms we can use for regulating our immune system.

Shiitake mushroom

fight obesity

There are studies showing that shiitake mushrooms can support a healthy heart, fight obesity, improve the efficiency of your immune system, gut immunity, and decrease inflammation. They can also prevent tumor growth, by signaling tumor cells to burst. Shiitake mushrooms may even have antimicrobial properties. A study even showed it only killed pathogenic microbes, leaving good bacteria unharmed.

Turkey tail mushroom

This is one of the most studied medicinal mushrooms due to its ability to boost the immune system. Turkey tail mushroom contains beta-glucans. They are bioactive compounds that can stimulate your immune system by boosting natural killer cells and macrophage function (these two types of cells are crucial for your immune system to fight all bad bacteria and viruses). Beta-glucans can also help the immune system slow the growth of tumors.

Turkey tail contains prebiotics, which feeds the good bacteria in your gut. This supports overall immunity. You can consume it during flu season.

Tremella mushroom

powerful immune-regulator

This mushroom is rich in vitamin D and dietary fibers. There are compounds that protect the liver, contained in Tremella mushroom. It is a powerful immune-regulator, too. There is evidence that it can help your body fight infection. And lastly, tremella mushroom is perfect for using it for anti-aging skincare purposes, due to its ability to draw moisture to itself.

Maitake mushroom

Maitake mushroom, just like turkey tail mushroom, contains beta-glucans. It can support healthy blood sugar.

Maitake mushrooms are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin B and C, and several minerals. They not only own immune-regulating effects, but are delicious, too.

Cordyceps mushroom

physical performance

Professional athletes are pretty familiar with cordyceps mushroom due to its ability to improve physical performance and energy levels. It can also benefit the immune system.

People suffering from asthma often use it to manage the condition. There are studies showing cordyceps can help autoimmune issues.


Medicinal mushrooms can boost your immune system. Make sure you are buying mushrooms that are certified organic, free of pesticides and herbicides. It is better to supplement with powdered extracts. Opt for a blend of different varieties for maximum gains.

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