Do celebs get laid often?

So this might sound like a silly question to which most of us think we have the answer. After all we are all familiar with all the sexual prowess’s some celebrities get up to. Some singers and actors are known to have an impressive record of sleeping around under their belt. Part of the job? Most likely yes; it’s amazing what certain fans will do when they hold someone as an idol. But this doesn’t mean that all celebrities are sexual mavens; so let’s take a look why.

 A busy lifestyle 

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It might look like these guys are just millionaires with nothing to do with their time; but the reality is that most celebrities are incredibly busy people. All the on-set work combined with all the travelling and the interviews can make for a very busy schedule, with little time for naughtiness. Our celebrities often have little time to meet and chat up lustful women so we can forgive some of their smaller transgressions; after all, we are all human.

Reputation is important 

It’s all well and good to sleep around but the truth is that it can land a lot of trouble on many fronts. A sex-scandal can help putting some famous people back into the lime lights but it is not the best way to gain fame. Just look at those people who started being known because of a sex tape which ‘accidentally’ leaked. Yes this has brought fame and some financial success; but unless those people have any real talent then they are very quickly and rightfully forgotten about.

Illness knows no limits

There are so many past examples of celebrities who died from life abuses, including those who caught HIV and whose lives just fell down the drain because of not being careful enough. Even modern examples such as Charlie Sheen are enough to make anyone think about what they are doing. All the money in the world will help with the most expensive treatments; but ultimately there are still things that money cannot buy.



It will always be handy to use tabloid to gain some form of fame, and this will never end. The general population seems to have this almost morbid curiosity about celebrities and their sex lives. Why? Probably because some people don’t really enjoy their lives and they like to hope for something better by peeping into the world of others. Whether a celebrity wants to be part of that circus is more controlled than people think. It is easy to use tabloid to suit your ends; but some celebrities are happy just to be known for their craft and talent rather than their sexual exploits.

All about the craft 

Luckily for those who appreciate arts and culture; a lot of celebrities are known because they have actually worked hard at crafting their art. We might live in an era where talentless celebrities are at the forefront of the media world but not every celebrity is like that. Now this doesn’t stop those celebrities to have a good time in bed neither; but they just keep it on the down-low. The show business scene has changed since its early days in Hollywood; and today, it is more important for celebrities to be known for their actual work, rather than who they have been sleeping with. We will probably never reach that point where all famous people are just known for their art; but it doesn’t mean every celebrity has to be seen as a sexual maven.

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