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A lot of us look up to famous people, and we often envy their lives. After all, what is there not to want? Money, prestige, traveling across the world, it’s a life that most of us are aiming at. But one thing we tend to forget in the middle of this glamourized view is the following: even though some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, most celebrities still need to work hard to make their living possible. By the looks of it, it’s not the typical 9 to 5 neither, and it begs to wonder: could you be able to handle such lifestyle yourself?

A lot of attention 

Crowd and fans taking photographs on mobile phones at a red carpet film premiere

One of the main things around being famous is the amount of attention you get from other people. Wherever you go people tend to recognise you and ask you for autographs. Then there are the crazy fans who follow you wherever you go, documenting all your moves into their creepy notebooks. It’s good to be loved but having people obsessing about you is something else altogether. Sure you can find women looking for sex with you no matter where you go, but that sort of fun will wear off after a while. You might enjoy the fun when you’re younger but over the years you might just want to be settling down as you grow older and wiser. As we’ve seen many times, celebrities can have issues with keeping relationships going. All this exposition doesn’t always help with their love lives.

Too busy for family 

Traveling around the world is great, and so is being busy doing the thing you love; but at the end of the day family is what tends to matter the most. Ask famous people and they will tell you that their regret is often not to have been there when their children where growing. This sort of stuff is hard to catch-up with once the time has passed, and this is why being so busy is not the ideal way to live a life. Normal people who live a 9 to 5 life have more time to stay close to their families and children, and it wouldn’t be surprising if some celebrities actually end up envying that sort of lifestyle.

Money isn’t everything

Paparazzi photographing a woman

Being rich, having multiple houses and mansions doesn’t always mean that you’re happy. In fact some might argue that as much of a gift money is, it can also work as a curse. People who aren’t used to money and suddenly get a lot of it can completely go off the rails. As fast as it comes, it can go quickly too. Let’s not forget the sort of habits and addictions people get into when they have too much money to spend; from buying too many cars to drug addiction, the list is long and it’s not always the fun people expect it to be. The truth is that if a person is vulnerable, being thrown into the world of celebrities can have very negative effects on them. The bottom line is that it works for some but not for others. Money and fame aren’t the only good things we can have on this earth; it is just a matter of extending our perspectives and values.

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