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Get the styling sense from George Clooney

Talking about the well-groomed men in the Hollywood industry, name of George Clooney would surely strike your mind. Clooney has been into the industry since decades and has shown the world what perfect dressing is. He has been following the trends in the industry closely and has made up his own style segment. The black suits, well kept hair and polished shoes are all about Clooney. Starting from the 80’s, Clooney has been a fashion icon in the industry and today in the 21st century, he has maintained his personality and persona to the fullest. He has given his style statements to the world and has shown men how to dress in style.

Since his movie Oceans 11, which was premiered in the year 2001, Clooney has taken up the old Hollywood style that is loved by the audience. Black suits for formal events are his forte and Clooney has maintained this iconic pattern in every formal event. Talking about his evening style when he wants to stay cool and calm, he prefers to go for chinos and a t-shirt along with flippers. The fashion experts of the industry have stated that Clooney brought back the style of suit in industry. Along with this, they also added that, Clooney has cleared the thoughts of men who thought that wearing jeans is suitable for every occasion. Once Clooney started wearing suits, it became a style statement for all the men across the world.

With time, Clooney has kept his persona to the fullest and has told the fashion industry that donning a suit is perfect. Clooney brought in the fashion of wearing suits without a tie. His attitude is what matters the most, which makes him clear from rest of the crowd when it comes to dressing. Clooney clearly mentioned is some of the fashion magazines that, it is cool to wear a suit in any occasion, you just have to drape it accordingly so that you can flaunt it with style.

Many of the fashion designers are following the footsteps of Clooney and are designing suits in the style, which he wears. Along with this, men who were shy of wearing suits are now coming up and demanding of customized suits just in the way George Clooney does. Updates about fashion and style statement of Clooney are always in the news as he states clearly that, if you have it, flaunt it.








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