Daniel radcliffe tops rich list for british stars under 30

At the age of 22 British actor, Daniel Radcliffe, who is known for featuring in famous Harry Potter movie series, as Harry Potter, has retained the first spot in the listing for wealthiest British stars under the age of 30. Daniel has topped the Heat magazine’s 30 Under 30 Rich List with anticipated earnings of £51.7m, with a raise of £6.1m from last year. Actor has kept hold of his position from last year, leaving his co actors Emma Watson and Rupert Grint into fourth and fifth place who are known for their characters as Hermione and Ron respectively, in Harry Potter movie series.

Daniel Radcliffe

It has been estimated that Daniel Radcliffe have earned about £25m from The Deathly Hallows films alone. While Daniel is topping the rich list, another Harry Potter movie star Emma Watson has earned her spot as a Burberry model and actress to gather the earnings of £23.9m.

Knightley and pattison make their mark

Another part of the famous trio from Harry Potter movies, Rupert Grint is getting work in films and has even appeared in Ed Sheeran video Lego House to make in surplus of £21.7m. Keira Knightley and Robert Pattinson, have joined the trio in the top five as at second and third position respectively.

Music time

It’s not just the actors, but musicians also have shown on the list. Adele at 16th, Taio Cruz at 28th and Florence + The Machine at 29th spot, have made their name to the listing.

The Girls Aloud members have also managed to get in the line. Cheryl Cole has made the highest jump of seven places from 14 to 7. She has made earnings of approximately £11.4m; as compared to her other band mates Kimberley Walsh at 24 with £5.3m and Nicola Roberts at 27 with £4.2m. Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding, both earning in the range of £4.5m, have been placed at 25 and 26 in the line up.

Pirate grab second spot again

Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightley, has retained her second place from last year. She made £30.8m, credit to many hits and modeling for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

Welsh soprano Charlotte Church has to go down three places from 7 to 10. Coleen Rooney has also dipped from 10 to 15 and Lily Allen fell three places from 24 to 21.

Sienna Miller along with Jamie Bell and Gemma Arterton are also positioned in the uber rich list.

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