Kim scorches, ups TV's popluarity!

Kim Kardashian

USA gets hot this winter as reality TV star Kim Kardashian bags the No. 1 slot on USA Today’s Celebrity Heat Index. The platform ranks stars based on media exposure they’ve received in recent famous times. The magazine follows the celebrities’ moves and tracks their appearances on TV, online and print. This weekly race of popularity monitors when a celeb appeared in TV news report, whether posed for a magazine cover or was viewed on websites.

Kim’s been tremendously famous or rather infamous lately for her on and off relationship twists with ex-husband Kris Humphries. The duo’s roller-coaster love ride from engagement to marriage and then divorce brought the hot bombshell back into limelight. The wedding’s exclusive footage: ‘’Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event” fetched 8 million plus views. The entertainment website E had the exclusive rights for the wedding footage.

The media meticulously documents the lives of movers and shakers in the glam world and present a juicy show before the curious viewers. Media can indeed make or break a celebrity’s image in today’s demanding times. On top of that, television plays a huge role feeding the masses with huge bouts of juicy celebrity news and shows. A veteran at the University of Mississippi School of Journalism; Samir Husni remarks, ‘’Television has managed to plant the seeds of addiction to celebrity and reality TV stars into American psyche and culture’’.

While tabloid queen Kim sits pretty on No. 1, many A-list Hollywood stars are in the top 10 list. Even the royal entourage makes for the A-list bee line this time, with Prince William’s wedding being the huge eye-ball grabber. After all, ‘’The A-listers provide a degree of ‘self-respect’ to the public’’, quotes Husni.

The top 10 stars with their popularity score are as below:

1. Reigning on no. 1 slot, Kim Kardashian bags 5342 points. Her 72 day marriage with NBA star Kris Humphries ended as soon as it started.

2. Professional and relationship success spells boom for pretty actress Jeniffer Aniston who receives 3504.

3. Girl next door became the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is at 3386 after wedding Prince William and showing off her baby bump.

4. Out of sight but not out of mind in 2011, Angelina Jolie winds up with 3252. The media went gaga over her absence.

5. Brad Pitt minted some 2307 holidaying the whole 2011 with actress wife and family.

6. Quite a happening year for J. Lo. Kicked the year on with the American idol judge stint, then ending her marriage with singer Marc Anthony and finally cozying up with boyfriend Casper smart. 1892 for her.

7. Still a mystery for the shutterbugs, who is Sandra Bullock dating? Bagged those 1756 for curiosity.

8. 1747 for Prince William or Kate’s Prince Charming. Reminded those roving eyes of the royal charm.

9. The newest member of the Kardashian clan, Kris Humphries at 1658.

10. Never short of media attention, Kourtney Kardashian took 1369 for her second baby’s announcement at the family wedding.

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