Yoga: The secret of Adam Levine's body

“Adam Levine”, the name itself enlightens one’s mind about what a hot property he is. At the ripe age of 32, this man has seen one and all. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist for Maroon 5, a band which hails from California, U.S.A. He has been credited for being the lyricist for most of the songs for Maroon 5. His most popular lyrics till date have been the ones that he penned down for his ex-girlfriend Jane, which later transformed into an album called, “Songs about Jane”; the first album of the rock band. Though, Levine ranks their next album, “It won’t be soon before long” way higher than his first album for its sexier and stronger appeal. In the first week of its release the album broke all iTunes sales records by crossing the mark of a hundred thousand. Since then, Adam Levine has been everywhere in the media with an ever-growing fan base.

Adam Levine hot physique

Levine has always been worried about his slender physique. He used to work out a couple of hours at the gymnasium regularly for achieving a sculpted and ripped body. He worked out for developing stronger muscles which he believed would get him an appealing outlook. But, as time passed by, Levine began to relate himself to an individual who was beginning to turn into a thicker and monster-like person. On being advised by a friend, Levine attended a session of Yoga under the mentoring of a veteran yoga instructor residing in the New York City.

“Chad Dennis”, the yoga instructor made him realize his physical objectives. Levine started taking interest in yoga under his mentor Mr. Dennis and left the gymnasium completely. He practiced yoga and found that it provided the desired results. The rigorous performances on the stage, in front of a crowd of thousands would quite often lead to his physical and mental exhaustion. Yoga helped him get over this exhaustion and provided good relaxation for his senses.

Now, Levine has been practicing yoga for a few years and Dennis ensures that he stays interested by mixing up different yoga exercises regularly. He has lined out a few yoga exercises as his favorites. Levine prefers ‘the headstand’ which he thinks helps to build greater balance and concentration, ‘the half moon’ to soften his butts and the ‘One-Legged Koundinyasana’ as a good exercise for strengthening the chest and shoulders as the overall weight of the body rests on the arms.

Dennis travels with the band to every show and Levine prefers to practice yoga for an hour before embarking on the stage. Nowadays, every stage location has a special room titled ‘Yoga’ for Levine. He exclaims that he has experienced greater strength and long-lasting muscle developments. Now, he feels sculpted and ripped which was never the case in his weight-lifting days. Levine states yoga as an investment that would be showering happiness for the rest of his life. So, the secret has come out of the box for this tattooed rock-star who gets people drooling over his body.

Adam Levine

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