Top Nail Art Spotted on Celebrities

Nail –art is in . All of our celebrities are seen sporting sexy and trendy nail-art nowadays on events and ...

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A Punk'd Miley Cyrus – The Latest Style Crush

The latest Style Crush is none other than our Disney princess turned punk rock diva Miley Cyrus who appeared in ...

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Kate Middleton’s ultimate hair do for London Underground

Kate Middleton, the royal princess is known for her unique, elegant and feminine fashion choices. When London Underground celebrated its ...

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Kim Kardashian weight loss

Woeful about weight gain, Kim Kardashian resorts to her own diet pill brand   Advertising a product is something that ...

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Actors who regret their role adoption

In a competition to stay in the industry, sometimes the actors pick up the roles about which they do not ...

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megan fox oct 2012 two

Celebrities who were fired from set

Film industry is a place where careers turn upside down in a matter of moments. Therefore, it is imperative for ...

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Non-singer celebrities blessed with a stunning voice

Hollywood has plenty of performers who do not confine themselves to just one platform. We are talking about celebrities who ...

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How do Celebrities Affect Our Lifestyle and Decision

Celebrities have amused us since times immemorial. From fashion and looks to health and lifestyle the influence of celebs over ...

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resemblance to Disney characters in celebrities

Finding resemblance to Disney characters in celebrities

We have spent our childhood seeing many Disney characters and all we had wished on that time to see those ...

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Robin Williams

Five amazing secrets about Robin Williams

We all know Robin William as an amazing comedian and a brilliant actor American actor. Considered as one amongst the ...

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Laura Propen and Seth Rogen

Which stars would produce the best ever babies if they ever plan together?

It would be the silliest question ever to ask anyone how and why babies are born. Yes, of course children ...

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Daario Naharis, The Game of Thrones_1

Recast actors who successfully kept the show going

Television serials and daily soaps have become an inseparable part of our lives. People develop a kind of strong bond ...

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Romeo Miller

Pop-Artists born with the proverbial silver spoon

We have often hears the real life stories of various famous personalities who have struggled a lot throughout their life ...

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Celebrities whom the co-workers just cannot stand

We all have colleagues we work with, some are good and there are some who we just cannot stand. Maybe ...

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Weirdest Hollywood celebrities who went past the regular pack

Celebrities get fame because they have the talent, they have money and because they are weird. Their weirdness is a ...

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Celebrity Instagrams that parents fear their children might copy

Omnipresence of internet has made life easy but it also has become a trouble for many people, especially the parents. ...

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Celebs whose parents misappropriated their million dollar fortunes

Some of the Hollywood celebs have had a bitter experience regarding their million dollar fortunes and parents. Some incidents have ...

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Celebs that were born with a silver spoon

It is bliss to be born and brought up in a well to do family, which has ample of wealth, ...

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Hollywood celebs that closely resemble Disney princesses

Celebrities play a mixed bag of roles in their entire career. Many celebrities often happen to have their lookalikes in ...

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Goofy childhood stars who turned sizzling superstars

Hollywood industry is a tough place for navigating the transition from childhood to adulthood. Generally, child stars are awkward, dorky ...

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