Beliebers Dupe YouTube Viewers to Make Bieber’s Song the Highest Viewed One

Justin Bieber’s fans were in for a shock when their Twitter accounts depicted the message #BABYWASDELETED which led to thousands of them to log onto YouTube to check out the truth, while over three thousand barged Twitter with individual tweets about the message. However, the reality was unfolded soon when the news made headlines that it was only a work of another group of Beliebers who wanted to make the young pop star’s famous song “Baby” the most viewed song on YouTube superseding the records set by “Gangnam Style” by Psy.



The fake message swished across the whole of the social networking site like wildfire within minutes of it being posted and several were duped to go to the music uploading site just to find that it was all a hoax affair. The hashtag “BABYWASDELETED” created much flurry and furor on Twitter as it was claimed that the video was deleted just on the verge of reaching its billion view record.

The song “Baby” was launched in the year 2010 and marked Bieber’s debut entry into the music world being part of “My World 2.0”, the singer’s debut album. The singer himself composed the lyrics along with Christina Millian, Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash and Ludacris. Christopher and Terius had also been Bieber’s companion for his debut song “One Time”.



The video enjoyed the crowning place of being YouTube’s most viewed song from July 12, 2010 to November 24th 2012 post which Gangnam Style took over. The last recorded views in 2012 depicted the latter to be still occupying the top position going beyond billions of views with Baby staggering behind at 1.9 billion and crawling gradually to grab the billion mark.

However, Bieber fans have been trying various ways to make the song come up to and override the record set by Psy’s song. But it is indeed a long way to go still.

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