Top 10 celebrities who have killed people

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While we always feel fascinated with the highly luxurious lifestyle of the celebrities and the fortunes they have, but we must remember that fortune is not always synonymous with wealth and riches. Fortune means luck too, which may be really devastating for celebrities as well. At least that is exactly what you will conclude when you go through the career profile of some of the prominent celebrities. They are the much sought after ones of the police force besides being our favorite. They are charged with the killing of people! If this appears spine chilling for you and keep you dumb folded, start reading further to get a hint of the bad boy/girl image of these well known celebrities.

1. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

This rapper was charged for plotting the murder of his rival Philip Woldermariam. We have known him till date as the popular vocal sensation with his mega hit duet ‘Ain’s Nothing but a G Thing’ with D. Dre. But, he was confiscated by the police and put on trial for being a party to the murder of Woldermariam. The hitman was his bodyguard McKingley Lee while he was thought to be the mastermind. But luckily, a circumstance of self defense was put up by his defense lawyer, Johhnie Cochran and both he and Lee had a narrow escape.

2. Don King

Don King

This sports ring personality is considered as a god father by many boxers who reached the horizon of their careers under his assistance. But this man has a serious criminal record with his name. He was charged with two murders within a gap of thirteen years. The first one of them was the murder of Hilary Brown, who was found spot dead with a gunshot in his back. Fatefully, it was proved that the act was a justifiable homicide since the murdered was trying to rob him off. The next one was the killing of Sam Garrett. The employee owed him $600. The resultant was his brutal stomping to death by Don. He was sentenced four years of imprisonment for this.

3. Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

This ‘Command Decision’ famed actor certainly never ever thought that casual mock fights can put him behind the bars! This is exactly what happened to him when he hit Ray Raymond, a contemporary actor to death during a fist fighting session in 1927. He was sentenced 25 months of imprisonment in the San Quentin jail. But, later he did his own justice by marrying Dorothy MacKaye, the widow of Raymond!

4. Sid Viciuos

Sid Vicious

Sid, the famously infamous bassist of the punk rock group The Sex Pistols, was alleged with the killing of his own girlfriend! His girlfriend, Nancy, a professional call girl, was a party to his heroin addictions. Heroine became the villain of the piece in their relationship and resulted in the killing of Nancy. Under the spell of this narcotic, Sid stabbed Nancy repeatedly and killed her. The bassist survived only a few months after this and died from heroin overdose.

5. O.J. Simpson

O.J Simpson

This celebrity footballer and actor created headlines when he was charged with the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown. He was also found guilty of killing his recently divorced wife’s friend Ron Goldman too during the same incident. Although DNA evidences and a prominent history of spousal abuse existed, he was found guilty in a controversial verdict. The debate is still on whether he is the murderer or not.

6. Laura Bush

Laura Bush

She is famous with her political identity of being the former First Lady. But her early teenage has a different story to convey. She was only seventeen and an under-aged driver, when she took the charge of her personal car’s steering. The effect was quite evident. She crashed into another car and the driver, killing him in the accident. The murdered driver was none other than her own classmate!

7. William S. Burroughs

William S. Burroughs

This writer was alleged of killing his own common-law wife Joan Vollmer! While we are a bit confused how such a matured and famed actor can act such innocently, but truth is always stranger. His wife was shot dead by him, using his personal fire gun. He has different stories to justify his misdeeds. Once he said that both of them were under the spell of alcohol and he was attempting to shoot a glass kept over his spouse’s head, but failed badly! The next version was that it was a serious mishandling of his gun. We are still under darkness as to what was the actual case.

8. Mathew Broderick

Mathew Broderick

It was a car crash the earned Mathew the infamy of a murder. This Ferris Bueller hunk was on a pleasure ride with his girlfriend Jennifer Grey on his four wheelers. As he veered into another lane he met with a serious accident and crashed headlong with another car. The driver got killed and charges of careless driving were brought against him along with a penalty of $175.

9. Keith Moon

Keith Moon

England is always traumatized of the notorious skinheads. This celebrity got transformed into a murdered when he was trying to save himself from these criminals. This famous drummer did not shoot the skinheads, who traumatized him. Unfortunately two innocent beings were the victims of the whole incident. These murdered persons were the chauffeur of his car and his private body guard! Actually, he was about to enter a celebrity pub in England, when skinheads attacked him. He shot his fire weapon in personal defense, which hit his personal staffs and killed them. But, Moon did not face any charges against him as it was an accident connected to his self defense.

10. Jayson Williams

Jayson Williams

This star player is presently behind the bars. He is charged with the murder of a person, who was none other than his personal limo driver! He was taking a pleasure ride thorough his farmhouse and was fidgeting with his shotgun. But, as it is said, fire weapon are not meant for kiddish handling. So, it discharged accidentally, killing the driver in the process. This brought about a halt in his professional career as well.

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