Actors with Surprising Resumes

Nobody is born an actor. To become one, they need a special set of looks, skills and loads of luck – and to become celebrities they need an extra amount of all the above. Sometimes success comes in a snap, other times it needs some time and play at the mobile casino red flush to brew – leading to surprising finds on the actors’ resumes. Here are a handful of those.

1. Patrick Dempsey as a vice-champion Juggler

Known for his role on the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and several other roles since the mid-1980, Patrick Dempsey has an unusual skill behind him: juggling. Actually he was so good at that when he was young that he collected a second place in the International Jugglers Competition (Junior Division) in 1982 and 1983

2. Whoopi Goldberg tried several interesting jobs before acting

Born Caryn Elaine Johnson, Goldberg did a number of… let’s just say interesting jobs for a living. She was a high school dropout – at that time she made money by working as a phone sex operator. Among her more “exotic” jobs we should mention being a bricklayer, and also working as a morgue beautitian at one time.

3. Hugh Jackman worked a lot with kids

Before becoming the Wolverine (or taking on any other role in Hollywood, for that matter) Hugh Jackman was a children person. His jobs required him to be one: he worked as a PE teacher and also worked as a party clown, charging $50 for a performance. That’s one party I would have liked to attend, if you know what I mean…

4. Kanye and Matthew Morrison could have been colleagues

You know what’s common in self proclaimed musical genius Kanye West and Glee star Matthew Morrison? Stop guessing – the answer is that at some point in their career both of them worked at GAP. Morrison left the apparel store to join the cast of the Broadway performance of Footlose.

5. Fast Food before the Fast Lane

Rachel McAdams, the fair faced Irene Adler aside Jackman’s Sherlock Holmes, has some fast food experience: she worked at the global McDonalds franchise for three summers along with her brother Dan and her sister Kayleen.

Jennifer Hudson looks like her exact opposite, and she has chosen the competition to work at: the artist rewarded with a Grammy and an Oscar was working at one time at Burger King. She left the fast food joint to star in the 2002 American Idol, becoming what she is today.

6. The Carpenters

Well, not the formation, but rather the celebrities: both Harrison Ford (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, to name just a few) and Matt LeBlanc (Friends) worked as carpenters before finding their way to the big (little) screen.

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