Actors who regret their role adoption

In a competition to stay in the industry, sometimes the actors pick up the roles about which they do not feel that positive. Especially the ones who are new comers in the industry, their anxiety to prove their worth pushes them to accept every offer that comes at their doorstep. They fear that if they will let go of any opportunity then probably they will miss out on something big. This results in regrets that actors have for some roles that they played in the past. Following are some celebs who regret their appearance and performance in movies in the past.


Jessica Alba

Jessica has a deep abhorrence for her role in the film “Fantastic Four.” Director told her that her crying attempts were too real and too painful and advised her to be prettier when she cries. This suggestion kind of made Jessica less confident, as she started worrying that she is not good enough for the roles.


Matt Damon

His role as Jason Bourne in the first three series of Bourne films turned him as the highest paid actor in the entire world. However, Matt decided to quit the Bourne franchise in the fourth film and he made it public that he found the second and the third part of movie unjustified and potent Career Enders. He believed that the script was just unreadable.

Katherine Heigl without cloths on bed wallpapers

Katherine Heigl

She has gotten a lot of fame from her role in comedy Knocked Up. However, she did not like the film and her ole, as she found the film to be a sexist. According to her, the film portrays women as humorless, anxious, and boring, whereas, men are portrayed as loving, goofy, and fun loving beings. She regrets playing the role of such a joy killer.


Sean Connery

Sean Connery got so much of fame and attention owing to his role as James Bond. This role made him so famous worldwide for his ultimate looks and that distinctive Scottish accent. The James Bond role gave him so much but he does not have friendly feelings for the character. He hates James Bond and dreams of killing him someday.


Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet looked so beautiful and elegant in the role that she played in Titanic. However, she does not like her performance in the movies and now she kind of regrets it. She says she criticizes every single scene played by her. She also criticizes her American accent in the film, which she thinks is much better now.

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