Celebrities who were fired from set

Film industry is a place where careers turn upside down in a matter of moments. Therefore, it is imperative for the celebrities to maintain a top place in the industry and be in the limelight always. Any mistake can jeopardize their career and their status. Just like any other profession, celebrities also have to maintain decorum like, respect the employer and the co-workers, punctuality, diligence and good behavior. However, there are some celebs in the industry who either do not believe in these values or they do not understand the importance of these values, and thus, they get fired. Here are some celebs that have been fired from the sets:


Taylor Momsen

She played the role of Jenny Humphrey on the famous teen drama – Gossip Girl. In the first three seasons her role was on e of the main roles;, however, her part was reduced significantly in the fourth season. She just appeared in four out of twenty-two episodes. Her unreliable and erratic behavior on set kicked her out of the show.


Isaiah Washington

He is Dr. Preston Burke of the hit drama series – Grey’s Anatomy. His hot temper snatched away his role in Grey’s Anatomy. He insulted one of his co-workers by calling him an f-got. Although once he apologized, but after some time he again repeated his mistake. Isaiah’s second time usages of the f word lead to his desertion from the Grey’s Anatomy.

LINDSAY LOHAN at Scary Movie 5 Premiere

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to controversies, and these controversies have disrupted her career. In the year 2010, she was fired from “The Other Side” – a comedy-drama film, as she was considered not “bankable.” The same year the role of Linda Lovelace was taken away from her because the director found out that it is impossible to insure her.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox is straightforward and she has suffered rejection owing to this very trait of her personality. In the year 2009, she made remarks about the Transformers director Michael Bay, called him Hitler who tries to dominate everybody on the set and also called him a mad man. She said it is a nightmare to work with such a director. Consequently, she was fired from the Transformers series.


Shannen Doherty

She is the Brenda Walsh of hit television show Beverly Hills, but she got fired after the fourth season owing to her conflicts with the co-stars. Later also various projects rejected her because of her terrible behavior with her co-stars.

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