Carrie Underwood wears LED dress for Grammy’s 2013 performance

The Grammy’s 2013 definitely had a lot of light as Carrie Underwood filled the show with light with her LED dress. The Grammy Awards are an annual thing and this year they had some great moments and one of them was the power packed performance by the singer Carrie Underwood. This world famous event took place on February 10 in Los Angeles. Grammy is a very prestigious award in the world of music and any musician is lucky to get one. Carrie Underwood’s performance was among the many performances that entertained the audience.


Carrie Underwood happens to be a famous country singer and she sang a beautiful medley of her songs in the award show. Every performer in the Grammy awards wishes to stand out in the crowd and the same wish was held by Carrie Underwood. The singer told in an interview that her dress was the thing that made her performance something different and enjoyable. Carrie Underwood is the proud owner of not one or two but six Grammy Awards and her performance is something to look out for. The country singer has reached heights at a young age and has a lot of hit numbers to her account.


Carrie Underwood surprised her fans not once but twice in this year’s Grammy Awards function in Los Angeles. The first was her LED ivory Theia dress which was pretty and very creative at the same time. A number of different images flashed on her dress during the performance of the singer at the function. Carrie told in an interview that she wanted her performance to be creative and artistic and by the looks it was definitely creative. Carrie Underwood is undoubtedly a great singer and her LED dress performance was like an icing on the cake.


The second thing that caught the eye of the spectators was the neck piece that the singer wore on the red carpet. The diamond necklace worn by Carrie Underwood was worth $31 million and looked amazing. Carrie Underwood was looking great and the necklace had a lot to do with it. The singer said that she was indeed afraid of it getting stolen and it is surely worth more than her. Carrie Underwood left no stone unturned to grab attention in the Grammy’s 2013 and it seems that she succeeded in what she set out to do.


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