Celebrities who adopted holistic and healthier ways of living in 2012

Whether it’s likeable or just plainly insane, constant media scrutiny forces the ‘inspiring’ celebs to look good! They have tried years of running over treadmills and starving oneself over skinny diets, but now, most of the celebs have suddenly hopped towards yoga classes and spiritual ways of living.


Currently, Tinsel Town’s stars are seen proactively skipping towards healthy and organic ways of living. Some have worked their ways out of their stressful life with Transcendental Meditation while some have simply changed their menus. In both cases, celebs claim that such quirky ways have helped them get past their ‘health disorders’ and rejuvenated them, in this case, to go backwards!

David Lynch, veteran actor, filmmaker, self proclaimed transcendental guru and founder of David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness Based Education and World Peace, points towards fighting stress with meditation practices. Blue Bob musician is so entreated by meditation practices and organic way of living that he admits that these methods have boosted his creativity as well as added a new zeal to his busy lifestyle.

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr is also enthusiastic about living a healthy, nature-inspired lifestyle. She has just got a step further in her approach by launching an organic skincare line. Known for giving natural birth to her son, she is pursuing a certified health practitioner course currently. In addition, she practices Buddhism and exults searching new information on health and wellness.

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The hot American actress Jessica Alba also endorses safe and eco friendly way of living a healthy life. Her new book “The Honest Life” sheds light on the effects of harmful toxins that find their way into our body through use of soaps, lotions, detergents etc. Her organization The Honest Company endeavors to create awareness among people about health sabotaging that occurs by daily use of cosmetic products while guiding them towards eco friendly way of living.

Famous media spokesperson Oprah Winfrey also took up a 21-day medical challenge with holistic health guru Deepak Chopra.

Hip hopper Russell Simmons also believes in practicing yoga and meditation to reduce stress, and has launched a full yoga clothing line. While soliciting spiritual practices to AOL, he narrates the need for having the feeling of fulfillment and a satisfactory attitude in life as an attractive idea.


Alicia Silverstone has also adopted vegan lifestyle and published a cookbook titled “The Kind Diet”. She shares the details of her healthy lifestyle on her website ‘The Kind Life.’  She insists on living a happy and healthy life by utilizing eco friendly methods.

Richard Gere is already famous for his Buddhist ties with Dalai Lama’s principles after his award winning narration over the documentary of Buddha’s Life. Seasoned yoga practitioner and long term devotee of TM, Jennifer Aniston says that practicing yoga is as important for her as keeping her soul.

Tinsel Town star David Lynch, British Actor and comedian accepts spiritualism as the way of his life. He practices yoga and meditation sometimes along with fellow actor Heidi Klum, who herself is outspoken about her spiritual lifestyle.

Therefore, now you know what keeps your stars hale and hearty!

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