Celebrity kids and their bold hairstyles

Whether you like it or not, ‘The World of Fashion’ rules our lives considerably. We imitate the way they walk or talk, the way they dress and carry themselves. But it is not the celebrities we try to imbibe! Even their kids have profound effect on us! Yes, it’s true – you are not probably going to walk or talk or dress like celebrity kid, but their mere appearance in tabloids makes them worthy of being looked and imbibed!

Since, celebrity culture is all about style, fashion, glamour, incredible tastes and constant scrutiny by the media, hence celebrities keep themselves fit and they even ensure that their kids are decked up in fashionable ways, as they too play a vital role in the society when it comes to influencing others. The dress ups, hair styles, lifestyle in general, the things they play with, where they go, what they eat, what all they have, even their likes and dislikes, each and every thing remains a hot topic in the media. This is one of the main reasons why celebrity kids are fancied all over the world.

Celebrity kids are most popular for their hairstyle choices; in fact, some of them have their signature hairstyles, which have inspired a lot others to take up crazy, whacky or simple and sweet hairstyles.


Angelina Jolie’s younger ones are the perfect example of this. Their child Maddox Jolie Pitt is known for his Mohawk hairstyle trend. Similarly, Melanie B’s daughter has also adopted the Mohawk style, with chunk of her hair shaved from both sides. She definitely looks one hell of a cute kid!


Blonde Locks

Willow Smith is not scared of going bold and currently sports stylish pink bob cut hair. Princess, daughter of Katie Price is nothing less than an actual princess with beautiful blonde locks. Her angelic hair perfectly complements her pretty blue-grey eyes. Like mother-like daughter, Ashlee Simpson’s daughter Bronx has beautiful, blonde locks that curl up upon her forehead.

And when Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor walk through the streets of New York, it is not Jessica, but her daughter that steals the show and paparazzi. This beautiful young lady with her short summer dresses, her perfectly innocent eyes and of course, her cute blonde locks seems to make a strong style statement. Recently, she wore pigtails with pink ribbons that made her look like a little diva!

Ponytails with bows, ribbons

Nichole Richie’s daughter has found several admirers, all thanks to her cute face, the cuteness of which accentuates when she wears ponytails with beautiful bows and ribbons.

Brunette Hair

Kids, Johan Samuel and Henry Samuel are known for having the genes of their mother Heidi Klum, with their brunette hair looking perfectly styled and lustrous.


Hazel nut hair

Mason Dick is popular for his beautiful hazel nut hair, something that he seems to have received from Kim Kardarshian.

Certainly, star kids are not far behind when it comes to glamour, bold hairstyle statements and fashionable attires.

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