Lady Gaga strips to Bare Essentials for a Show in Sex Club

Lady Gaga is another person who always finds new ways to shock us and is famous for her spectacular performances and costumes in her career as a singer and performing artist. Her latest costume involved a black bra, some stockings and a moustache that she had ceremoniously unveiled in a sex club in the heart of Berlin, Germany.


She had arrived for a performance in the club and on her arrival removed her massive fur coat to uncover a toned body and wore black stockings, black net bra coupled with sky high heels. To complete her look, she wore a moustache. She was here in Germany to promote her yet to be released album “ArtPop” at the Berghain venue. This is supposed to be a pretty infamous club, so you could say that she was dressed for the occasion, and her attire was quite appropriate for the saucy show that she had planned for her fans that had flooded the place on Thursday. The event was an intimate, by invitation only album-release party which would see the singer performing at the venue.

This was a special performance meant for a select few who were had won a competition, so there were a total of fifty fans at the show but the response that she received outside was overwhelming. She was here to give a special performance for the competition winners which included her hit “Applause” and a few other tracks from new upcoming album.

This special one time performance is part of an album promotion in which fans had the opportunity to meet with the star and ask her questions. This concert was an extremely exclusive event in which only fifty fans who had won a competition were allowed to enter the club. Another ten fans would have the opportunity to actually meet the star.

She was then spotted enjoying the rest of the city in yet another ensemble just a few hours after her performance which included a weird blonde headpiece which covered her full face, almost like a mask. Lady Gaga has sported some other unusual pieces previously which include her infamous meat dress. Choosing this venue is testimonial to Lady Gaga’s support of the LGBT community and is probably the only reason that she got into the club at all. Berlin usually has an innate aversion to VIP guests and had also turned away Paris Hilton from a high end club simply because the doorman did not like her retinue.

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