Olson Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley – Fashion Frauds?!

Who are they?

The cute and sweet twins that have been drawing adulations and adorations in equal amount ever since their acting career began in 1987 with the television serial Full House, which continued till 1995, have hit a serious bump. The two sisters are not just actresses and for a long time, have not been so (Their last movie was New York Minutethat was released in 2004). Both of them a secondary earning source and have been doing quite well as fashion designers. They have a personally signature fashion label called “The Row”. Other than this they also have a clothing line for women known as “Olsenboye” along with a line of t-shirts called “StyleMint”. They have been extremely instrumental in popularising the homeless look by wearing oversized sunglasses, loose and flowing t-shirts, flowing skirts and baggy sweaters.


Why the Fuss?

Recently however their clothing lines have come under a scathing attack by the famous celebrity stylist, Lysa Cooper. She has made her displeasure quite apparent by her vitriolic comments that were reported by many fashion websites along with the news channels featuring in the celebrity gossip section. The comments made by the fiery tongued Cooper are to the tune of a word that is thrown around quite often, intended to bring down a fashion rival, plagiarism. This is not the first time that someone has accused his or her adversary of ripping off and making money of other peoples’ concepts.

What exactly has been said?

It is not quite a secret that the fashion world is quite a small world and the Olsen twins will surely have heard the comments made by Cooper even before the first gossip bulletin published it. We all know how famous are and one wonders how the twins are going to respond to this vicious attack on their livelihood. Along with the main comment, the stylist has also specified her criticism by saying that, of the clothing lines owned by the twins, the only one that is of any consequence and that manages to some degree turn heads by even a quarter of a degree is their couture label, “the row”. Although, she does not fail to mention the apparent cause of this inexplicable success that goes against the run-of-flow; she figures that “The Row” is doing better than the rest because they have hired designers to come up with designs that seem to be an artful copy of other good designers.

All said, the Full House girls better have an adequate reply to this onslaught.


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