Most of you may know her from the recent romantic comedy film The Bridesmaids or from older films such as Away We Go or Grown Ups. In all of these films she has never taken the centre stage such as a Lady Gaga would if her stage appearances are anything to go by. She has however never been a fashion disaster like a temperamental Britney Spears. Maya Rudolph is currently a mother of three beautiful and happy children. One look at her and people are lining up to ask her what she does to maintain her body even after she has gone through the tremulous rigors of pregnancy times four. Since she was a part of a comic improv group called The groundlings, she likes to keep her style light, sunny, fanciful and never spends an inordinate amount of time deliberating on a hair clip.



She does however spend the correct amount of time and uses the optimum variance in her outfit. If one could view her entire wardrobe, it can be assured that her efficacy, when it comes to utilising her clothes is very nearly a perfect hundred percent. In fact, all of the clothes that she has worn to music festivals and film festivals as well as premiers of her films flatter her figure and do not say anything that her body is not. More often than she is seen wearing critically cut clothes that fit her well and prints that suit her very nicely.


The greatest problem that a woman has to face, especially an expecting mother is the wardrobe change that she has to account for. Most celebrities tend to make blunders when selecting pregnancy clothes but not dear Mary because she has a perfect idea as to what is appropriate. Her greatest advantage is acceptance and she never wants to fight with a pair of pants ten sizes smaller. She wears sensible and convenient maternity gowns and dresses that impart style as well as comfort.


The happiness of motherhood has also bestowed upon her a glowing skin that radiates brilliance ensnaring the eyes of every jealous expectant mother. This brilliance is augmented whenever she wears shades. And it is done even more so when she selects the purple and red hues towards which she is partial. And thus, even when it is easy to look washed-out because of her skin tone, she never does so. Her examples are thus paragons to be followed by anyone who is flummoxed enough to just rely on track pants.

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