Top 10 celebrity makeup disasters

Top 10 celebrity makeup faux pas

Behind the façade of lights, camera and action lies a human being. To err is human—this simple truth also holds true for celebrities and their makeup associates. We bring to you top 10 celebrity makeup blunders caught live and fresh!

Here goes the Top 10

  • Ashley Judd: At a 2011 book signing, she was conscious enough to conceal her usual puffy look. However, with light powder afflicting entire face, it’s time you take some conscious decision on your makeup, Ashley!


  • Eva Longoria: A concealer is meant for drawing attention away from dark patches. But it was simply the opposite when Eva was caught on camera sporting white patches under the eyes.

Makeup mistakes Eva Longoria

  • Nicole Kidman: Walking the red carpet with a face enveloped in shining white powder, Nicole has also joined the bandwagon of makeup disasters. Her flawless complexion makes the disparity seem all the more obvious!

Makeup mistakes Nicole Kidman 2

  • Drew Barrymore: Again a powerful powdery malfunction! It seemed Drew Barrymore was auditioning for a role in Powder when she appeared at a Hollywood function with a weird powder soaked countenance.


  • Catherine Zeta Zones: A slapdash makeup schedule seems to take its toll on the actress. She sported one of the major makeup disasters with her cakey cum bronze-based look which felt like excessive sunburn.


  • Kelly Osbourne: Where on earth did she get that eye makeup from? Kelly’s urge to flaunt a unique eye makeup using numerous shades made her join the top list of makeup malfunctions.


  • Christina Aguilera: The singer-cum-actress is truly a devotee of glamorous yet eerie trends. She often sports an excessively artificial look with unnecessary use of eye makeup and blush.


  • Taylor Momsen: Is Taylor on a Halloween spree? Her unwarranted use of dark color on the lids in order to sport a smoky look indeed proves that! The Gothic makeup often makes her look like a vamp.


  • Pamela Anderson: It’s time for the Baywatch Babe to sue her makeup artist! Caught at a public event with makeup eccentrically flowing all over and out of the lips clubbed with peculiar eyeliner, Pam should seriously think about donning the right makeup.


  • Lady Gaga: Needless to say, she beats everybody in the run for the most weird eye makeup. Sporting some shocking eye makeup at The Tonight Show, we are left to wonder whether the lady wanted to scare everybody away!


Celebrities do make mistakes and the camera catches the same. So, it’s time that all celebrities take a careful look at the mirror before stepping out to avoid faux pas being immortalized by the camera!



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