Top 10 Most copied and admired celebrity trendsetters of the world

All celebrities have the top stylists and globally renowned designers at their beck and call. But only a few rank as the trendsetting icons, a cult in themselves whom the entire world emulates.  So what exactly is the difference? Given below are the Top 10 celebrities who are known as the ultimate trendsetters in the world today.

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10. Jennifer Lopez:

Singer, actress, entertainer and fashion entrepreneur, this 43 yrs old glam diva knows exactly what to wear when she walks onto any red carpet event. Her form fitting outfits complimenting her supremely attractive curvaceous body, proves to the world that one can be a sexy and sultry style icon irrespective of age.

9. Michele Obama

Ranking 9 on our trendsetter list, the first lady evokes an aura of powerful elegance with her smart and chic look. Reflecting a persona who gives a damn about the magazine cover dresses and defines a style of her own, she is famous for her cardigans and dresses and is all about being simple but being wow!

8. Kate Middleton

Our Spot 8 goes to the duchess whose taste is on similar lines to the first lady. Her choice of dresses which are never high end brands and always in the affordable genre is what makes her one of the world’s top trendsetters today.

7. Angelina Jolie

Starting from the maxi dresses, to the half cut ones, from her taste in jewelry to the coats and the shades, this celebrity is all about that splash of sophistication on the red carpet that gives her the 7th rank on our trendsetting list.

6. Eva Longoria

Our No. 6 spot goes to that celebrity who can make the ‘laidback’ look appear effortlessly sexy.  The ability to look graceful in whatever attire she wears makes Eva one of the thriftiest of all the trendsetters.

5. Rihanna

If you want a celebrity that gets people talking with her style, you have to go with Rihanna. Incredibly unconventional with her hair styles, nail art and accessories, Rihanna ranks 6th one of the most looked up to and admired celebrity trendsetters in the world today.

4. Kylie and Kendall Jenner

The sister duo who took the modeling world by storm ranks 4th with their incredible ‘beanie trend’ and outfit choices for young adults.

3. Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce, the perpetual showstopper with her sparkling form fitting clothing and high pumps along with her husband jay Z, the hip hop mogul with his white tee, yankee hat and shades are America’s power couple who are unstoppable when it comes to style.

2. Lauren Conrad

Ranking 2 is the reality star, author and fashion designer who is well known for her classy, laid back but fun look. Emulated both for her day to day looks as well as the red carpet appearances, she has partnered with Kohl for a successful clothing line.

1. Miley Cyrus

The Top celebrity trendsetter in the world trophy goes to Miley Cyrus who has gone through an incredible journey from being the sweet and innocent teen sensation to her recent punk rock look complete with the famous racer back tops, spiked hair and shades that people are copying all over the globe.  Never failing to impress with her outfits, she is someone who knows exactly what to wear and when, making her the undeniable Rank 1 spot on our Top 10 celebrity trendsetter list!

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