Top 20 Most Ridiculous Moments from Kardashian Wedding

Kim Kardashian Weddin

Whenever something concerns the popular Hollywood celebrity, Kim Kardashian, it is sure to gain a lot of media attention, whatever might be the pretext. Her fans, followers as well as critics wait eagerly to peep into her life and amuse themselves with her stunning moves every time. But this is also true that Kim loves to share almost every event of her life with the media. Thus, her second marriage with Kris Humphries was also not an exception, it is considered by the media circle as the most ridiculous event of the month. Kim, who is always generous enough to share her private moments with her fans, is telecasting the proceedings of her marriage on the E! network, as a complete four hour special show, to be held for two consecutive days. Glimpses of the various proceedings of the event brings forth some of the ridiculous moments. Have a look at twenty most ridiculous moments of the wedding ceremony of Kim Kardashian.

1. Prolonged television telecast of the event

The remarkable among the most ridiculous events of the wedding ceremony of Kim Kardashian is that she telecast every instance of the whole event on air for four hours and that too for two consecutive days! It is agreed that celebrities are mongers of overnight popularity. But allowing masses to delve into personal life is just too much and that too when it is a second marriage, where extravaganza is always lesser in comparison for everybody in general. If this is what her wedding had to offer to the media, what would her divorce do then!

2. Marriage will earn the couple a good fortune

What people are finding ridiculous is that Kim made a business deal out of her marriage. It seems that her primary concern is not her happiness and successful married life, but the bucks that her marriage will win her. It has also been rumored in the process that Kim and Kris’ marriage will fetch them above $18 million, which is almost double the money they spent for their marriage.

3. The wedding was a really expensive one

The glitz and glam that surrounds the wedding of Kim Kardashian was obviously quite an expensive one. Thus, the royal feast, the expensive bridal trousseau, the smart tuxedo of the bride groom, the pomp and the show about this high profile event is rumored to be as much as $10 million. This is highly ridiculous when the whole thing boils down to not- so- top rated celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

4. Kim’s wedding photos fetched her monetary fortune

The critics are really laughing at how Kim turned her marriage into a perfect and rather highly successful business deal. She permitted her wedding photographs to be published solely at the People’s magazine. But do not think she was generous in this decision. She had to be handed over a handsome amount of $1.5 million for the privilege she gave to the magazine. But the ridiculous pat of it is that the snaps are already out on the internet for viewers to see them free of cost. Thus, was the magazine dumped in this case and what is the meaning of sole right of publishing then?

5. Three celebrated invitees in the most ridiculous wedding

Dina, Lindsay & Ali Lohan

The next surprise that will leave people dumbstruck is that the much talked about celebrities, Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan and Ali Lohan were parts of this ridiculous show as invitees! The look that each of them sported will also invite criticisms for certain. Lindsay Lohan wore her trademark white gown cut down at the navel point, quite a queer dressing for wedding ceremony. Ali Lohan looked too older than her age due to loads of makeup or plastic surgery. Dina Lohan, looked younger and much natural than Lindsay and Ali, contrary to her actual age.

6. Kim married thrice that day

Isn’t it really ridiculous that Kim decided to have three different weddings on the same day and with the same person? Now the question is, was it a joke that she was trying to crack, or it was just a flaunting of wealth or a way to win over night publicity? But of course, three weddings is quite a less number for someone as Kim.

7. Kim attended her own party when she was paid $50,000

Bachelorette Party

What could be more ridiculous than this that Kim attended her own Bachelorette Party at Las Vegas only when she was paid $50,000? It seems that people really were funny to have paid this lady such a hefty sum for her own occasion. What more, can a second time bride really be a spinster?

8. A weighty wedding cake for Kim’s wedding

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake of Kim was another joke of the event. A part of her show biz, this cake happened to be much too more as far as its height and weight was concerned. It was of 600 pounds and had a height of eight feet. This gigantic shape was so awkward that it required skilled training on how it is to be cut as otherwise it would have toppled over, making the wedding party a mess.

9. Kris’ reaction to the unusual wish of Khloe

The most unusual wish that Kris ever received was when Khloe, the perhaps sinister sister of Kim, wished the couple’s death on the wedding toast. Kris was serious at this and expressed that it is really difficult to get along with someone as Khloe.

10. Kim’s wedding band appeared to fade out other jewelry

Wedding Band

Kin was particular about the quality of the wedding band she was supposed to wear and the clarity of the diamonds that were supposed to be set on the same. So, the wedding band Kim chose was by Loraine Schwartz and had diamonds studded on platinum base. Its cost was $60,000. The ring was the size of a baseball and surely paled other jewelry pieces she wore next to it. However, the overall jewelry that adorned Kim on the wedding day had an estimated cost of $15 a s Forbes reports.

11. A dear wedding ring

Engagement Ring

The wedding ring that Kim wore on her day is rumored to be of an estimated cost of $2 million. Now the question that arouses out of curiosity is that who paid for it as it is surely not Kris, who is not that rich.

12. Forces of earth witnessed the marriage

The next thing to ridicule about in Kim Kardashan’s marriage is the essential forces of nature, earth, wind and fire that took active part in Kim’s wedding. The extravagant event of Kim’s marriage that the E! network showcased also included Bruce Jenner’s tune, Let’s Groove, where earth, wind and fire played in.

13. Memorable wedding toast and rumored eavesdropping

The memorable wedding toast of Khloe, who seemed to care little about Kris, wished Kim’s death. She was overheard by the bridegroom as reliable sources reveal. He heard her say to a friend that Kim does not bear her nickname as Elizabeth Taylor just for the diamonds she has in her collection till date. It is suggestive that there are other u
ndisclosed things as well that is sure to forecast in their married life. How damaging statement!

14. Mom and daughter shared same designer

Vera Wang Wedding Dress

It is such a joke that Kim’s mother also wore a dress designed by Vera Wand, just like her daughter did on her wedding. Does in any occasion bride and mother of the bride wear similar attires? Was she tying to portray that she was sexier and looked younger than Kim. All this is perhaps only possible when an event is centered on someone like Kim.

15. A weird number of attendance in the event

440 People

This is also something that can only happen in an event of someone like Kim. There was an odd crown of as many as 440 people in the wedding. Perhaps Kim did manage to arrange a meal for the crowd. Again the question is whether this is generosity or publicity stunt?

16. Gathering of weird crown outside Kim’s property

There was a weird crowd outside the property of Kim on the day of her wedding. The lady proclaimed that they are ill fated folks who have depressing and empty lives, who came to greet her and win her kindness in return. This is a simply ridiculous affair and beyond belief.

17. Nine cameras to take the complete footage

As E! network reports, it took almost a small army of people with as many as nine cameras to take the complete footage of the events of that day. This is something too ridiculous and leaves a question again, whether it is a wedding or a show business?

18. Avril Lavigne was the most unsocial invitee in the wedding

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne, who is infamous for her typical teenage tempers, happens to retain that in spite of her growing age. She was among the list of invitees in Kim’s wedding. But she and her boyfriend remained the most unsocial one and hardly did they communicate with anyone and did not even participate in the dance as well. Why did they come then? This is again something ridiculous.

19. Kim’s engagement and bridal shower was also a business venture

Engagement & Bridal Shower Photos

Kim earned $300,000 for getting herself engaged for the second time. Moreover, she allowed getting herself photographed when she was receiving wedding gifts from guests in the wedding party in exchange of $100,000, payable to her. Shouldn’t someone laugh at this?

20. Retouch is inevitable to retain Kim’s looks

Kim's on-Call Stylist

This news is probably the most awful one that was forecast in E!. It takes lots of retouches done by the personal stylist of Kim in order to assist her look sexy and stunning throughout the day and there is nothing as natural glamor in her! Thus, the stylist was on an emergency standby throughout the day and night.

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