Top Five 2012 Clothing Lines Set By Best Dressed Celebrities

Vanity Fair inspired by fashion sensationalists has recently announced its new array of world’s best-dressed celebrities of 2012. Celebs featuring in this exclusive list include fashion world’s “Crème de la” and elite range of fashion savvy royals, corporate executives, sport personalities and celebrities highlighting flawless fashion protocols both in personal and professional life. When it comes to styles and trends, amazing Kate Middleton is new entrant to royal field who has been honored as most fashionable celeb of this year. Other celebs to enter this queue of most stylish celebrity include Matthew Lauer, Jay Z and Jessica Chastain to name a few.

Top Five Celebrities To Set Trend For Others

Kate Middleton: This unvanquished queen evolved as a new style icon for fans and industry watchers. Newly appointed royal has led the way to fashion tabloid of Vanity Tabloid in the list of best-dressed celebrity for third year. It is surprising for style buffs to see Kate Middleton finally on top position. Be it public appearance or couture on red carpet, Kate Middleton has  always left her fans in astounding mode with her most favorite Zara heels. Without any doubt, “Duchess of Cambridge” is style icon and continues to maintain her tag envied by young ladies across the globe.


Jessica Chastain: As far as appearance on red carpet if noticed, Jessica Chastain can efficiently rout anyone with her grace and invigorating aplomb. In addition to this, attractive redhead surprised onlookers in Alexander McQueen’s beautiful black gown and startling gold at “2012 Academy Awards”.


Jay Z: It looks as if Rapper Jay Z is borrowing styling tips from his star wife Beyonce at frequent interval. Debonair rapper is a staggering addition to 2012 list of international best-dressed celebs of Vanity Fair. According to Tom Ford, he is the one who deserve to enter the queue of trendsetter in fashion world.


Diane Kruger: Diane Kruger is popular for her unmatched style statement and dressing sense. Diane always settle on right combination to highlight her gorgeous looks for which she is admired worldwide. This beautiful actress with fair hairs is most apparent admittance to the list of best-dressed celebrities and there is exception for Vanity Fair as well.


Matt Lauer: Matt Lauer is known for his distinctive way of hosting chat shows. Even the Vanijty fair is keen to include his flair to add an elegant to touch to this array of best-dressed celebs based on class, sense and styling.


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