Lady Gaga goes girly: Singer steps out in bright print dress and tumbling curls as she champions a prettier look

Gagafied Girly: Bold songstress’ interpretation of “normal” is still highly eccentric

Risqué, edgy and downright bizarre. These are a few words that industry experts and fans choose to describe Lady Gaga’s sense of fashion and the singer absolutely revels in the fact too. The woman who celebrates the spirit of being “born this way” is known for wearing outfits that are runway ready but not street friendly. But the songstress took the opportunity to show off her feminine and slightly average person side when she hit the trendy L.A. baby goods store Kitson Kids wearing a floral multi tiered maxi dress.

Her most “normal person” outfit to date, Gaga paired the ensemble with her trademark sky high platform heels and round framed eyeglasses though the matching floppy hat was certainly a fresh look for the singer. The softer and feminine look was a far cry from the entertainer’s usual eccentric one though the puff sleeves and the OTT hat certainly ensured that she didn’t look she copied the look from a fashion glossy.

Lady Gaga visited the LA store to shop for a gift for Elijah, the second son of Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish and her dress seemed to reflect her cheerful mood. The singer is a close friend of the couple and is even godmother to their first born son Zachary. Their bond was cemented further when Elton stood up for her following some fairly crude remarks that Madonna made slamming the singer.

Gaga arrived in a chauffeur-driven SUV at the Robertson Boulevard store rather discreetly though her loud dress gave her away easily. However, in contrast to her OTT, loud and colorful outfit, the singer carried a very simple black handbag and her simple curly-ended hairdo evoked the aura of an old-fashioned southern belle more than that of an edgy and outlandish international superstar.


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