10 Most stylish celebs

They have the looks, the fortune and the fame, but do they have the style? Many celebrities have a bad dressing sense and can seldom go out without creating a fashion disaster. However, some celebs are effortless well-dressers. They know their style and a

Top 10 Hottest ‘plus’ sized celebs

The world has always been partial towards the plus sized but there are few plus sized woman who manage to climb the ladder of success despite their body size. These people have faded away the popular notion of beauty being small sized. The following is a

10 Child stars gone bad

We are all attracted to the success stories that come out of no-where but sometimes it seems that stars are attracted to failure as well. There are a number of stories of child-stars embracing failure and in most of these cases these stars go waste or eve

10 celebrities with their imperfections

They are rich, gorgeous, famous, and some of them imperfect. On screen they appear flawless, with every last strand of hair in place and their perfect bodies. These screen gods and goddesses make us commoners feel imperfect in sheer comparison. However, b

10 Celebs who are Real life heroes too

We spend money from our pockets to see men or women performing daredevil fits to save lives as well as the world from some impending danger. These acts, mostly which are manufactured to give us pleasure help these celebrities to attend a status of livi

10 Most popular celebs on Facebook

Celebrities are joining the social networking bandwagon in a big way. From promoting albums to premiering songs and shows, they are doing it all to get the inflow of followers. The main social networking sites that the celebrities are religiously follow

10 Hottest single celebs

Beauty finds its true worth when it is appreciated. And what can be more soothing than appreciating the beauty and the boldness of ten of the hottest girls who exist on Earth. Here is a list of all those single girls with whom you would love to go on a da

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