Beyonce sets new trend with faux breast body suit


She did it on the opening night and she has done it again. Beyonce has probably set a new pop-star trend by flaunting faux breasts body-suit not once but twice on her Mrs. Carter World Tour. The Mrs. Carter World Tour started at Belgrade, Serbia on the 15th of April at the Kombank Arena. Apart from her very raunchy and skimpy faux breast outfit and several costume changes, Beyonce has so far failed to present anything new to her audience.

On the opening night of her much awaited and publicized Mrs. Carter World Tour, Beyonce performed in Serbia wearing a sequined, gold dress with faux breasts and prominent fake nipples. She has grabbed all the attention of worldwide media with the help of this outfit.  Though Beyonce changed outfits some 23 times that night, this one definitely took the crowd by storm. Her performance was average and she did not serve her audience any new tracks on the opening night. Still the audience was in rapture, singing along with the “Grown Woman” hit-maker, when she performed all time favorites like Halo, Single Ladies and Crazy in Love. She also sported a pearl embossed little white dress and sparkly blue cat suit along with the golden dress that raised many eye-brows.

Beyonce wore another subtler version of the first faux breast body suit on the second night of the Mrs. Carter World Tour. She was successful in shocking the audience once again at Croatia when she appeared in a full-sleeved, Ralph and Russo embellished body-suit, featuring very prominent fake gold nipples.

A weird fashion statement for sure

Beyonce has taken things over the edge with her new fashion statement. There is much speculation going on about her faux breast body suits but they have certainly pleased the spectators. Beyonce fans certainly like this new fashion statement made by their favorite rock star, but critics have found it too desperate and overwhelming. Another observation made is that Beyonce did not perform any of her new released songs on her opening night and kept to a routine of her old hits.

Madonna, Gaga; now it’s Beyonce

Beyonce has taken things one-step further than what Madonna and Lady Gaga has already done on stage. She is a great entertainer and the new fancy body suits are bringing her all the limelight and media coverage she wanted. The faux breasts have created the sensation they were made for.

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