Five most eccentric beauty secrets of Hollywood celebs


The celebs are more in news for their bizarre choices and weird actions than their professional achievements. Throwing tantrums and spending millions of dollars are their daily activity staples. Though they love to live their life under the spotlight, these crafty celebs do not usually divulge their beauty secrets. We often wonder how they got such flawless skin or beautifully curled locks. The answer to such queries can take you top some very weird and puzzling answers. The gorgeous and sought after celebrities often follow the most bizarre beauty routines that can leave you dumbstruck.

Bizarre Celeb Beauty Tips:

1.     The Geisha Facial for Victoria Beckham

Reportedly, Victoria Beckham pampers her skin with the Geisha Facial or the Bird Poop Facial, which uses excrements of certain birds as its main ingredient. Several famous spas around the world are offering this facial in exchange of hefty sums. This is originally a Japanese beauty treatment, which has recently found its ground in the international market. Nightingale is the chosen bird whose excrement is mixed with water and rice bran for giving the celebs this very weird beauty treatment.

2.     Catherine Zeta Zones and Her Beery Locks

The luxurious locks of Catherine Zeta Zones are the result of washing them with beer. The senior colorist of Oscar Blondi Salon, New York, Amy Mrkurnic, urges her clients to use this tip. According to her, the alcohol in beer can remove all dirt and grime absolutely. To try this tip you should first shampoo your hair and then massage any type of beer available on the wet locks. Rinse your hair again after five minutes and get fabulously glowing hair.

3.     Scarlett Johansson and Apple Cider

Who doesn’t want translucent skin like that of Scarlett Johansson? We all do. She has admitted that her gorgeous skin is the result of using vinegar. She cleanses her face with Apple Cider vinegar whenever a blemish shows up. According to Scarlett, the Apple Cider is not a mild toner but it is very effective in wiping away blemishes.

4.     The Secret behind Demi’s Youthfulness

Demi Moore looks astonishingly younger than her age. The secret behind her youthful and vibrant looks is the ‘leech therapy’. Demi has acknowledged that she has received the benefits of leech detox, which cleanses and purifies the blood.

5.     Sandra Bullock’s Creamy Fight with Fine Lines

Sandra Bullock is 48 yet her skin glows just like a 23 year old girl’s. The reason behind her smooth skin is butt creams. She has acknowledged that she uses butt creams around her eyes to stop fine lines from appearing. From her looks, one can say that they definitely work.

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