Sarah Harding banned from driving for six long months


The former singer of Girls Aloud, Sarah Harding has been banned from driving by the High bury Magistrate’s Court on last Tuesday. In London, a police officer stopped her when he spotted her talking on phone while driving. She has broken a major driving dictate, set to keep people safe. Being a celebrity, her irresponsible act can spur others to follow the same. The penalty ascribed to Sarah is six months long, but the Court has praised her guts for coming forward and pleading guilty.

The 31 year old, former Girls Aloud Singer, celeb Sarah Harding pleaded guilty at the Highbury Magistrate’s Court and received her due penalty for talking on cell phone. When she was spotted by the police in her black Land Rover and asked to pull over for interrogation, she did not listen to them and almost swerved into a police officer on cycle. This certainly added up to her wrong deed. She will have to pay a total of £605 as fine and costs of court proceedings. She had already got nine points for her previous misdemeanors and told the media that she has learnt her lesson at last. Thanks to her celebrity status, Sarah has been offered a free taxi service by a cab firm who felt pity for the singer, banned from driving for six months.

How did it go at the Court?

Sarah’s lawyer, Nick Freeman, had asked the judge to consider her celeb image, but the District Judge did not bend her rules for Sarah. The judge was pleased with Sarah for pleading guilty without wasting the Court’s precious time, but she also mentioned that Sarah would be treated just as any normal person under the same circumstances. Sarah herself has acknowledged her mistakes.

Celebs often break traffic rules and try to get away with it. The Sarah Harding case is an exemplary one, which shows the good sense of the celeb and strictness of the Court. Sarah told the media that she has learnt from her mistake. Now, we can only hope that she doesn’t commit any such driving errors in the future.

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