Bizarre eating habits of highly successful people

We all know that highly successful people tend to follow certain routines and habits in order to remain stress free and concentrate on their work. However, not many know that some of these successful people tend to follow some bizarre habits when it comes to food and drinks. Here are 5 of those highly successful people you didn’t know, had habits like these.


Nicholas Cage’s Anti-Pork Habit

Ace actor Nicholas Cage has a weird eating habit. He does not like to eat pork meat at all, reason being, the animals do not mate in a dignified manner. The actor has also gone on to say that he choose which meat to eat depending how the particular animal mates. Some of his favorite foods in this category happen to be fishes and birds.


Charles Darwin Discovery

Explorer Charles Darwin is known for discovering several animals that inhabit the earth today. However, not many know that he had a habit of eating the animals he discovered. Darwin was a member of the Gourmet Club while studying at Cambridge University and had a mission to eat rare animals. This resulted in him eating nearly every other animal that he discovered, including owls, rheas, iguanas, tortoises, armadillos, etc.


Steve Job’s ‘Weeks Long’ Diet

The man who gave us Apple was known to eat only a certain type of food for entire weeks. For instance, if it were carrots, he would munch on carrots for weeks. He reportedly ate so many carrots once that his skin turned a bright shade of orange in color. However, what was weird about Job’s vegan diet was the reason he gave for the same. Accordingly, Jobs felt that eating the same foods continuously for several weeks would prevent body odor, which would in turn save him the trouble of bathing every day (according to reports, Jobs took baths on a weekly basis) .


Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Eat what you kill’ Diet

In 2011, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took an oath to eat only those animals he killed himself. Zuckerberg insisted that in addition to making him more grateful for his food, the mission enabled him to eat healthier foods and raise many animals. However, Zuckerberg decided not to carry the mission forward to the next year.


Lyoto Machida’s ‘Urine Diet’

Gross but true. Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida reportedly started drinking his own urine every morning after his father advised him to do so. Machida continues to follow this routine to this day, claiming that it was a natural medicine for his body.

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