Is Selena Gomez Dating Again–Who's The Catch?

If you are in this show business world gossips and buzz about your personal life will be second skin. So to say in Hollywood being in a relationship is not new thing specially in the case of Selena Gomez, we all know her as  Disney sensation.


Her relationships

She was in many relations even before Justin Bieber, before the current one. She has been in relationship like any other Disney star from her league.  Her very first boyfriend was Nick Jonas one of the member of the Jones  Brother  . The “Wizards of Waverly Places” actress  she has also dated Taylor Lautner. She is one of the stars so has dated stars which were from her own league.

Her most of famous relationships– Her most famous relationship was with singer Justin Bieber, they were the talk of the town and  a juicy topic of gossips for the  same columns  and not to forget the tabloids as well  as the visual media. They both are international sensations in their own right.  But there fate did not want them together and they broke up.  Selena has been in a consecutive relationships .And being in the lime light is not at all an  easy job Being in a relationship  in this industry where thousands of camera eyes are just  watching your very move. She has always been involved  in many other high profile relationships  like these.


Her current status on the relationship:  Gomez‘s relationship has not been stable for long. She is said to be in relationship which is always made-up by the media but Gomez never denied being in a relationship. But the current scenario of her relationship or as  you may call it a catch, she is in a relationship with Niall Horan. He is a singer and a band member in a band named “One Direction.” You can read all about them on the website columns.

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