Celebrities whom the co-workers just cannot stand

We all have colleagues we work with, some are good and there are some who we just cannot stand. Maybe they are too arrogant, snobbish, or extremely competitive that you feel negative vibes coming from them. They are very good at getting their way out, whether by hook or crook and this irritates the coworkers to the core. Such colleagues are the ones who make the already stressful office atmosphere more tensed. The people who are hard to work with and are being discussed in this article are the celebrities. Some celebrities, who are extremely rich, very famous, and highly demanding, have surfaced as the ones whom the co-workers find horrible to work with. Some of them are:

Katherine Heigl 07

Katherine Heigl

Her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy back in 2005 kind of made her America’s sweetheart. We were again love struck in the year 2007 seeing her in the hit comedy, Knocked Up. She got to experience the best of fame and fortune, but sadly not for a long period. Her high demands made her leave the show in the middle of season 6. After this, her career level dripped. Her films began to flop substantially and that is when she announced her desire to rejoin Grey’s Anatomy.


Megan Fox

When Megan Fox was not seen as the leading woman role in Transformers -3, initially everybody put blame on director Michael Bay, but soon after when Megan compared the director to Hitler in an interview, the reality surfaced that it is not the director who is to blame. Megan’s super conceited nature snatched the role from her.


Mike Myers

His roles are funny, but in real life, he is just opposite to his onscreen appearance. If rumors are to be believed, his tantrums behind the scenes are terrible, which makes it tough for the coworkers to work with him. Incidents those prove the claim right are – he prevented Dana Carvey from starring in 1992′s Wayne’s World because he was jealous and had the fear of being overshadowed. His other tantrums include making a ruckus over availability of just one spread for his bread.


Lindsay Lohan 

Not so good work ethics and tantrums lead to a decline in Lindsay Lohan’s career. It takes a lot of patience to work with her. Even Oprah Winfrey’s patience was also put to test when Lohan did not appear for the shoot on time. Lohan has this bad and unprofessional habit of going missing without even informing the co-workers of the present shoot.

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