Weirdest Hollywood celebrities who went past the regular pack

Celebrities get fame because they have the talent, they have money and because they are weird. Their weirdness is a tactic to gather increasing amounts of attention and fame. They fall for things that are different and striking, so that they remain in the limelight. There are many celebrities who belong to this genre, however, we have shortlisted these following weird celebrities to be a part of our list. Have a look:


Lady Gaga

The celebrity to top this list of wierdos is none other than Lady Gaga. She seems to have awful greed for recognition and attention. She loves to dress herself in the most strange and bizarre outfits just for the sake of attention. In the year 2012 at MTV Video Music Awards, she crossed all boundaries of weirdness and wore a raw meat dress with pieces of fresh beef. This is not just weird it is disgusting. It is high time for Lady Gaga to put a stop on her weird fancies.


Nicki Minaj

We really wonder what makes Nicki Minaj to slip into those tacky clothes and make up. Without that funny makeup, she is so beautiful. Turning her beauty into something not so beautiful and weird is her take on publicity. Probably it is her technique to stand out from her pop competitors. With weird makeup, multicolored clothes, and colorful wigs combined with her singing talent, she manages to get all the attention.


Angelina Jolie

She is a celeb who is not at all weird in regards to her outer appearance; in fact, she is the prettiest of them all. However, there are some facts about her behavior that surely makes her a contestant of the list of wierdos. She broke up marriages and wore a vial containing her ex-husband’s blood around her neck. How sick it sounds. Another weird thing is that she tongue kissed her brother. At the age of fourteen, she dropped school because she wanted to be a funeral director.


Miley Cyrus

There was a time when Miley Cyrus used to be an adorable kid performer in the Disney’s Hannah Montana. Then came a time when she started rolling out her albums, which again was a good time. However, now is a time when she has earned a reputation of a weirdo for herself. She is someone who has no time to care how others think of her. She has her own style and she knows how to put it on without caring about the onlookers. Well, she surely deserves hats off for her guts.

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