Celebrity Instagrams that parents fear their children might copy

Omnipresence of internet has made life easy but it also has become a trouble for many people, especially the parents. The easy access and usability has become a nightmare for some parents, as they think there are several things on internet which their children should not see. If we talk about the social media, it is a way people use to attract attention.

Particularly the celebrities go to any extent to gain attention through social media. They upload statuses, videos and photos, which parents do not like their children to see. Social media channels, especially Instagram, are used by celebrities to flaunt their unsavory lifestyle and activities. Following are some celebrities, whose Instagram activities are something parents desire to keep away from their children.


Miley Cyrus

She is a star who has a long trail of teenage fans. Children do not know her as Miley Cyrus; they know her as Hannah Montana. With a huge teenage following it is her prime responsibility to maintain decent standards; however, her Instagram updates reveal that she is totally indifferent towards her moral responsibility. She is a true blend of nudity, tattoos on odd places, gross selfies, and vulgar poses. Her Instagram updates can blush even the most modern parents, leave alone the children.


Kim Kardashian

Kim’s Instagram profile has all the essentials of unsavory. Without a miss she keeps updating her nude photographs, pre and post cosmetic surgery photos. Parents fear their children will get a bad influence and will become extremely body conscious and shopaholic like her, and therefore, they like to keep their children off Kim’s Instagram.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is pretty weird. In the beginning she posted her photographs with bizarre hairstyles and dresses, in which she looked weird. However, off lately she posted some very disturbing pictures in which she looked demented. As a result the Instagram authorities e-mailed her to get some help for her. Parents definitely do not want their children to see Lady Gaga’s Instagram.



She is the bad-girl of Instagram. Her Instagram shares include dope, drinks, strippers, marijuana, and photos with vulgar poses. Her Instagram handle has a collection of almost nude photographs. This kind of bad influence is certainly something that most of the parents will like to keep their children away from.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is a strong contender in the celebrity race to outnumber other celebrities on the scale of nudity and absurdity. Her recent Instagram share is her picture with small star shaped pasties covering her breasts.

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