Celebrities who fight for HIV/AIDS awareness

AIDs still continues to be one of the most dreaded diseases in the world, with the number of affected individuals increasing steadily every year (in the underdeveloped and developing countries). And while there are many organizations that fight for HIV/AIDs awareness, there are certain celebrities who actively participate in these campaigns and do their bit for the betterment of the society. Here are some of those really famous celebrities who believe in living for a social cause in addition to enjoying the glitz and glamour of stardom.


Magic Earvin Johnson

The term ‘Magic Johnson’ is synonymous with NBA. So when Johnson revealed that he had AIDs way back in 1991, he sent the entire sporting world into shock. But a positive result did not deter Johnson’s faith as he retired from the game later and actively started joining campaigns to promote AIDs awareness around the world.

His Magic Johnson Foundation (formed in 1991) has been instrumental in opening several awareness and treatment clinics around the world in conjunction with the AIDs Healthcare Foundation, and was even nominated for the Conrad Hilton Foundation Humanitarian Award back in 2011. Johnson was also one of the first celebrities to squash various misconceptions about AIDs, including the fact that the disease would affect only homosexuals and drug users (intravenous).

Danny Glover

The iron man of the ‘Lethal Weapon’ fame has always been an active supporter and leader in several social causes, including AIDs/HIV awareness. In addition to being a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, Glover is also a prominent member of the board of directors of the Black AIDs Institute. Glover’s brother who had AIDs wrote a letter to the Congress in 2000, praising its attempt to recognize AIDs as an international developmental issue.


Lady Gaga

She may dress up in bizarre costumes (don’t forget the red meat dress on more than one occasion) from time to time! But Lady Gaga is a wonderful humanitarian, and is an active supporter for AIDs awareness. In 2010, she was selected as the official spokesperson for the Mac’s Viva Glam Campaign in order to raise money for the organization’s AIDs Fund. Lady Gaga continued her humanitarian efforts with MAC for another year as well and actively promoted testing, self-empowerment and the importance of protection in warding off AIDs/HIV.

Alicia Keys

The beautiful singer has a beautiful humanitarian side to her as well. In 2003, Alicia Keys co-founded the Keep a Child Alive program and became the global ambassador for the same in order to spread awareness about HIV/AIDs to millions of people in countries like India and Africa.

The organization has been instrumental in educating thousands of families in these countries about the disease and it’s harmful after effects, in addition to promoting the increased supply of antiretroviral drugs to the more affected regions. Keys also joined hands with U2 band member, Bono to create a documentary called ‘Keep a Child Alive with Alicia Keys’ to spread awareness about AIDs and its ravaging effects.

63rd Annual Academy Awards

Whoopi Goldberg

She struck a chord with the audience in the hit movie ‘Sister Act’. But Whoopi Goldberg is known for much more than just her fantastic acting skills. Goldberg is the official Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, and actively participates in several fund raising events and PSAs to support the AIDs campaign managed by the UN. Goldberg also happens to be an official spokesperson for the Unite against AIDs campaign started by the UN as well.

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